MOÅ Vodka is back. 

In 2017, this beverage brand was launched as a low-calorie, flavorful vodka, catering to the demand of millennials for conscious, authentic, and small-scale brands. It is a Dutch vodka that pays attention to every detail: a unique distillation process, no additives, no sugars, and with an elegant design and a focus on the ecological footprint.

“We’re keeping the spirit alive to make #moåments count”

MOÅ was lovingly designed under the wings of IMA by Tessie Pessers. After her sudden passing in 2020, the brand is now carried forward by her friends and sister. With MOÅ, Marlous Kramers, Mareille Schouten, and Floor Pessers aim to make people more aware of the beautiful moments they share. Because when someone is no longer there, that is all that remains; a memory.

“MOÅ is more than just a beverage brand; it is a tribute to the beautiful moments we share with loved ones. Our goal is to be able to order a drink with MOÅ anytime, anywhere in the world, to celebrate life and commemorate the life of our friend and sister. We hope to live in the moment and enjoy it during this adventure.”– Marlous, Mareille & Floor

Crafted Bottles – Tessie in a Bottle

Born out of a collaboration with Onder de Boompjes, one of the oldest distilleries in the Netherlands, MOÅ can be described as a craft, contemporary, and unique product. The distillation process stands out for its artisanal approach.

MOÅ obtains its flavor through three individual distillations with 100% natural flavorings: ginger, bergamot, and kaffir lime leaves. Osmosis water is used, resulting in a pure, clear taste that is often perceived as smooth. The blend of individual distillates is aged for a total of 6 weeks. MOÅ does not add any sweeteners, colorants, or flavor enhancers.

Female founded & still fully female-owned

MOÅ was founded in 2017 by the female management team of IMA and was meticulously conceived by Tessie Pessers. When MOÅ came to a halt due to the sale of IMA, Tessie dreamt of someday reviving the brand herself.

Tessie, Marlous, and Mareille shared an office space in Amsterdam’s Spaarndammerbuurt as independent entrepreneurs. They decided to start an agency together. Shortly after, Tessie tragically passed away, turning the trio into a duo. Continuing without Tessie was challenging, but as a tribute, Mareille and Marlous decided to relaunch MOÅ. Soon after, Floor, Tessie’s sister, joined them. She had witnessed up close how Tessie had developed MOÅ, making it a natural step for her to be involved in the brand’s future. Because MOÅ is Tessie’s legacy, and it continues to live on in her family.

“We hope that our ‘female touch’ sets us apart in a predominantly male industry. As we do not come from the spirits industry ourselves, we approach all the challenges that come our way with a fresh perspective.”

– Marlous, Mareille, and Floor

International Ambitions

The ambitions of the three women extend beyond national borders. MOÅ aims to make the international urban nightlife sparkle with many #moåments. The taste and design of the spirit align well with the nightlife of world cities like New York and Copenhagen. Currently, the first MOÅ cocktails are being served in one of the most beautiful cocktail bars in New York, Nine Orchard.

“I don’t hear anything crazy.” – Tessie said when a very challenging idea was proposed.