AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT’s community remains grow, with new ambassadors, advocates, and salon collaborations, and now also with a new international sight. The inspirational Peggy Gou – the epitome of authenticity and always true to its own character and personality – enters into a year-long partnership with the unique hairdressers collective.


The originally from South Korea, but in Berlin established Peggy Gou is a worldwide known DJ and a respected musical artist. She played up Coachella and at various festivals in Europe, South America and Asia, released EPs to highly acclaimed record labels, such as Ninja Tune and Phonica, and has her own record label Gudu Records. For Peggy, the music scene people the freedom to really be who they are are – wherever they come from. A vision that is perfect aligns with AUTHENTIC’s values ​​and beliefs BEAUTY CONCEPT. After all, authentic beauty is more than just ostentation – it’s everywhere, it is natural, pure and simple – and it starts on it moment you decide to be yourself.


Like how AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT embodies more than premium haircare, Peggy Gou is more than her music. She is too an artist and fashion designer and is committed to sustainable initiatives. She studied at the London College of Fashion and has several fashion labels to her name, including the luxury streetwear line KIRIN and collaborated with luxury fashion houses, including Louis Vuitton. She also collaborated with Space Available (a Bali-based creative platform and ecological design studio) on a chair made from 100% recycled plastic, which would otherwise have ended up in the ocean or on a landfill. Peggy’s nosy

and open-minded nature has set her on a path of creativity where, despite her huge success, she remains true to herself; grounded and thoughtful. It is this presence and movement through life that makes Peggy Gou an ideal partner for the latest collaboration of AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT made.


The AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT community can expect brand new, authentic and edgy looks – created in collaboration with Global Creative Advocate, Hester Wernert-Rijn and Advocate Said Rubaii from Germany. During the brand shoot in Berlin, Peggy’s creative vision was brought to life in 4 different lifestyle areas that fit Peggy – TRANQUILITY, CLARITY, BALANCE and COMMUNITY – by photographer Felicity Ingram, featuring the extended Creative Team, including cinematographer Hugo Carlier and director Felix Aaron. Within each theme, a different look and hairstyle was created to show how hair is an authentic form of self-expression; for Peggy is an expression of her mood. During TRANQUILITY, a calming modern house on the lake is depicted, for CLARITY is it about enjoying mindful moments with coffee or fika, BALANCE shows how Peggy likes to keep a cool head in between performances, with tennis as an energetic outlet and finally, COMMUNITY puts her love of art at the center of a exclusive private exhibition.