words by Nadia ten Hove

Photography by Noah Raven

In the heart of Amsterdam’s vibrant underground scene lies a haven where creativity knows no bounds – The Platform. It’s not a physical space, it’s a melting pot of artistic expression, a tangible intersection where the worlds of Art, Music, and Fashion harmoniously collide.

At The Platform, they delve deep into Amsterdam’s underground roots, handpicking the most innovative minds across various creative realms. Their mission? To celebrate talents, to amplify voices that might otherwise remain unheard.

Imagine a world where a fashion show seamlessly blends into a rave, or a high-energy punk concert meets a heart-pounding skate competition. This is The Platform, where synergy reigns supreme, and the goal is always to amplify the voices around them.

Their events are more than mere gatherings; they are collective experiences. Here, people from diverse backgrounds, interests, and disciplines come together, bask in the vibrant energy, and share a unique connection. These events are not just spaces; they are open and safe havens where creativity knows no bounds.

Embarking on a new journey, they proudly present The Platform Records (TPR) – an in-house music publishing and booking service dedicated to a plethora of multidisciplinary and emerging artists. With TPR, they champion the peculiar and embrace the familiar, creating a space where creativity thrives.

One of their exciting ventures is Skatepunk, a groundbreaking concept that fuses punk music, skateboarding, fashion, and art. With 50 upcoming artists at its core, Skatepunk represents the spirit of rebellion and innovation. Picture The Skatepunk Show, a thrilling fusion of fashion featuring budding designers, a live punk concert that echoes with raw energy, and skilled skateboarders showcasing their talents.

An integral part of The Platform’s record label is the artist Bug. He took center stage during this groundbreaking event at the SkatePark Noord. During the celebration at the end of September, the EP release for ‘Naakt Geboren,’ was showcased, marking a significant milestone during the second-ever Skatepunk event.

At The Platform, they are not just curators; they are cultivators of creativity. Join them in this exhilarating journey, where boundaries blur, and the essence of creative brilliance takes center stage. Welcome to The Platform – where the extraordinary becomes the norm, and where artistic souls find their truest home.

Find more information about The Platform here: https://www.theplatform.love/home