The performative, transformative nature of dress has always been at the heart of the Harris Reed brand. Clothing can amplify the character of the wearer or alternatively communicate the role, or even gender they wish to portray. This sense of life lived as a dramatic performance is reflected in the collection title ‘All The World’s A Stage’ and the theatrical theme runs throughout; from the upcycled theatre drapes that have been repurposed as gold lamé fabric, to the harlequin motif, the show’s setting in the round, and the pure enjoyment of dressing up that these looks celebrate.

“All the world’s a stage,” – As You Like It, William Shakespeare

Pageant Queens meet Henry Moore in an unlikely splicing of references. The glamour and excess of Pageant costumes are evident in the gold lamé and sequins that are offset with rich black velvet, and accented with crystal embellishments. In contrast to these high shine fabrications are silhouettes and cut-outs that echo the organic shapes and curving lines of Henry Moore’s works, grounding the pieces in a fluid landscape.