Breitling has launched a new version of its sporty water sports watch. The new collection returns to the simple aesthetic of the original SuperOcean Slow Motion from the 1960s and 1970s, while new features and bright colours have been added. Moreover, it is no longer just a dive watch – it can be worn while surfing, swimming and visiting the beach bar.   In the 1960s, diving was all the rage, inspired by the adventures of the explorer Jacques Cousteau. In diving, time is the most important thing (measured almost exclusively measured in minutes), and Breitling not only wanted to provide the best watch for this but also wanted the watch to be stylishly designed.   In creating this first SuperOcean, the designers at Breitling left out all the unnecessary features that did not support the life-saving needs of divers underwater did not support.  A high-contrast dial ring was introduced for the crucial minute scale.   

The subtle indexes were replaced with large, luminous bar numerals for easy readability. The biggest move of all was that Breitling dropped the seconds hand, since divers don’t really need it. In its place came a revolutionary minute chronograph called the “Slow Motion” because it took an hour to go around the dial.  Today Breitling is launching a new Superocean that returns to the simplified watch philosophy of the Slow Motion. And although the collection has been revised to meet the demands of modern wearers (the seconds hand was, of course, a must), observant individuals will recognize several design references to the original.   The collection was presented to media, retailers and influencers during the Wheels & Waves surf-and-motor festival in Biarritz. The event took place after a day of sea-themed activities, with surprise visits from European surf and film stars. Present were surfers Andrew Cotton, Jérémy Florès and Natxo Gonzalez, along with actors Guillaume Canet from France and Álvaro Morte from Spain.  At the festival, Breitling CEO Georges Kern said the following: “Most dive watches look more or less the same, but the Slow Motion always stood out. We are so pleased to introduce the new Superocean, a modern version of this classic.”  


The watches are available in four sizes (46, 44, 42 and 36 mm) and the collection’s colourful dials are combined with three different case metals: steel, steel-gold and bronze. The special alloy used in the 44 mm and 42 mm bronze versions has excellent corrosion resistance, but will still develop a subtle patina over time that makes the watch even more unique. The two strap options (a sporty rubber strap and a new three-row metal strap) feature a folding clasp that allows micro-adjustments of up to 15 mm, so the watch can easily be worn over rash vests and diving suits.   The new Superocean doesn’t just look good, it’s a technical marvel. The watch is water-resistant to 300 m (1000 ft) and has wide hands and indexes coated in Super LumiNova® for exceptional underwater readability. The scratch-resistant ceramic bezel ensures that it will never wear out or fade. For safety reasons, the bezel is unidirectional on most sizes and bidirectional with patented fuse on the 46mm. This watch is also shock, sand and salt water-resistant. The automatic Breitling calibre 17 has a two-year warranty and a power reserve of about 38 hours.   Best of all, the Slow Motion’s signature square minute hand has returned. As has the high-contrast minute scale. Enthusiasts will also recognize “the dot,” a round window at 6 o’clock that displayed different colours depending on whether the minute chronograph was on, paused or off. On the new Superocean, a circle near the tip of the second hand is a nod to that popular feature. 


The Breitling Surfer Squad made up of Kelly Slater, Stephanie Gilmore and Sally Fitzgibbons return as the faces of the new Superocean collection. The special edition Superocean Automatic 42 Kelly Slater is also part of the collection. Co-designed with the surfing champion, the watch is limited to 1,000 units and features a striking orange dial and an army green rubber strap. The colour scheme was inspired by a watch Slater’s father wore while surfing.  

Speaking about the collaboration, Slater says, “I have designed watches together with Breitling over the past few years, but this watch is very personal. It is inspired by my late father, who as far as I can remember always wore a watch with an orange dial while surfing. The combination of green and orange is a colour scheme I loved on my surfboards when I was young. I’ve always liked that combination.” 

The new Superocean has something for everyone. Collectors will recognize the strong Slow Motion influence, watersports enthusiasts will appreciate the technical features, and style-conscious individuals will be drawn to the day-and-night, beach-to-boardroom versatility. The new Superocean strikes the optimal balance between the nostalgia of its predecessor and fresh new features.