The New Originals and Dechase have joined forces to present a collaboration that offers the perfect balance between design and durability. Together, the two brands have redesigned one of the Dechase classics with a modern twist.

The New Originals is a brand focused on creating performance apparel for creatives. The brand is deeply rooted in Amsterdam’s cultural landscape and strives to build bridges between different contexts and backgrounds. Dechase is an Amsterdam-based brand that produces shoes in Ethiopia, focusing on craftsmanship and sustainability.

With the collaboration, the Zena lowtop boot, one of the Dechase classics, has been redesigned. In this collaboration, the Zena features an eye-catching “dots on dots” print that has been laser-embossed into Ethiopian leather. Furthermore, the Zena is characterized by a red rubber patch on the shoes. The shoes are produced with consideration for people and the environment, with some of the production using chrome-free leather, a production method that takes into account the use of chemicals to reduce environmental impact.

The collaboration between the two brands benefits not only the fashion industry, but also the local communities where production takes place. The shoes are handmade by local artisans in Ethiopia, using sustainable production methods to provide a stylish and responsible choice for the fashion-conscious consumer. By having production take place in Ethiopia, the brands create jobs and boost the local economy.

“Collaborating with TNO was a fantastic opportunity for us to combine our styles and create something unique,” said Milki Abadura, of Dechase. ”We are thrilled to partner with a brand that shares our roots in Africa and has a design vision that is forward-thinking. By joining forces, we have created something that is both unique and sustainable.”

The New Originals x Dechase Zena will be available at The New Originals flagship store and online. The shoes launch on March 24, 12:00 p.m. (CET).