Introducing a celebratory Monete Jewelry & High Jewelry collection on the occasion of the Bulgari Hotel Roma opening.

An iconic symbol of Rome’s eternal modernity, the Monete collection has always embodied the unique bond
between past and present that runs through the Eternal City as well as through Bulgari’s unique style.
Born in the 1960s out of the passion of Nicola Bulgari – grandson of the company founder Sotirios Bulgari – for
ancient coins, Monete soon became one of the most iconic collections of the Roman Jeweler. With the same expertise
and passion employed in selecting nature’s most extraordinary gems, Bulgari has begun sourcing ancient coins – each
with its own unique story to tell – and to incorporate them into visionary contemporary designs.

To mark the much-awaited opening of the Bulgari Hotel Roma, the ninth gem of the Bulgari Hotels & Resorts, Bulgari
now launches a special Monetecollection including High Jewelry creations and a fine jewelry set, once more propelling
the rich and inestimable legacy of Rome into eternity.

The tradition of mounting coins into jewelry creations was already common during the late Roman Empire. However,
it was only with Bulgari that the “historicist” purpose of this traditional practice changed, becoming a celebration of its
origins, through unexpected and audacious aesthetic codes. An ode to modernity that combines this ancient
manufacts with one of its most emblematic trademarks, symbol of innovation, artisanal mastery and a
pioneering technique: the Tubogas.

Now, relying on this creative legacy, with the new Monete introductions Bulgari continues to celebrate its Roman
heritage with creations inspired by the monumental building that houses the hotel, dating back to the 1930s.
Located at the heart of Imperial Rome, in a symbolic place consecrated to Emperor Augustus, the imposing building is
a magnificent example of Rationalism, the architectural current that flourished in Italy in the early 20th century, based
on the idea of transforming tradition through logic and rationality.

An approach playing with classical aesthetic codes through a contemporary language, that has now been embraced
by Bulgari in the bold lines, geometric shapes and rational volumes of its new Monete creations. And above all, in the
endless dialogue between the eternity of Rome and that of the Bulgari aesthetic.


Star-pieces of the Monete collection are two stunning necklaces, a rationalist Tubogas chocker and an exceptional
precious emerald sautoir.

Timeless craftmanship, classical elegance, and contemporary sophistication seamlessly blend in the Augusto
Imperatore Monete necklace which is set with an ancient silver coin from 27 B.C. – 14 A.D. on a classic 18 kt rose gold
Tubogas chocker adorned with squared geometric diamond-set elements which conjure the facade of the building of
the Bulgari Hotel Roma. The coin bears the profile of the emperor Augustus, in a nod to the piazza where the hotel is

Drawing on Bulgari’s tradition to feature ancient coins on over-the-top sautoirs, the second star piece of the collection
is called Augustus Emerald Monete Sautoir. Worn by Bulgari Global Ambassador, Actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas on the
occasion ofthe Bulgari Hotel Roma opening, the sautoirintegrates another trademark of the Roman Jeweller, namely
its unrivalled mastery with precious gemstones. With emerald beads totalizing over 600 carats, the ultra-precious long
gemstone chain culminates into an octagonal pendant flaunting a bronze Roman coin of 14-37 A.D. with the profile of
emperor Tiberius Augustus.

Uniting an exquisite sense of geometry with a magnificent diamond setting, an 18 kt yellow gold set made of a chocker
and a bracelet turns the Rationalist inspiration into a timeless motif. Facing the challenge to turn squared and rigid
shapes into soft and flexible jewels, Bulgari’s master artisans gave also proven their ability to seamlessly integrate
ancient coins dating 400 and 350 B.C. into the creations.

Like rare and precious gems, the protagonist silver coins from Thrace depicting lions and dating back to 386-338 B.C
of these precious earrings preserve and enhance the intrinsic beauty of ancient artifacts of great historical and artistic
value. The two coins have been meticulously set to idealize proportions, reminiscent of the sophisticated style of
rationalist architecture found in several quarters of Rome and source of inspiration of the Bulgari Hotel in Rome

This 18 kt yellow gold bracelet combines a chain with an eye-catching silver coin from the reign of Tiberius Augustus
(14-37 A.D.). Its ancient texture and tone is contrasted by the brightness of the yellow gold chain, whose intricacy is
recognizably Bulgari and perfectly harmonizes antiquity and modernity.

Geometries deeply rooted in Rome’s artistic and cultural heritage are reimagined with the future-oriented eye of
Rationalism into a creative interlace of squared shapes for the Imperial Geometry Monete set including a tight necklace
and a matching bracelet. Crafted in 18 kt yellow gold and entirely set with diamonds, the creations boast an ancient
coin in the centre, framed by an octagonal bezel and denote a new chapter in the Monete Collection, Bulgari’s
testament to history—and its never-ending transformation.

A modern reference to Bulgari’s creative legacy is the The Triumvirate Tubogas Monete Necklace in 18 kt yellow, white
and rose gold. In a play on tradition and its ceaseless evolution that is uniquely Bulgari, this iconic piece brings the
modernity of the Tubogas tecnique to the timeless grandeur of the Monete Collection.

An 18 kt rose gold High Jewelry Monete ring treats the Roman coin at its core like a precious gem. Exalted by pavé-set
diamonds and precious touches of colour given by four buff-top sapphires, the ancient manufact from the Roman
Empire makes the piece one-of-a-kind.

A fine jewellery set in 18 kt yellow gold lit by touches of diamonds, made of a necklace and matching earrings draws
on the language of High Jewelry to reiterate the themes of this celebratory collection. From the voluptuous and
unmistakably Bulgari chain to the geometrical bezel framing the ancient coins with the innovative spirit of Rationalism,
the Roma Eterna Set is Bulgari’s ode to the transformation of tradition in both jewelry and architecture.