While presenting the Summer Capsule 2023, FENDI translates Marc Jacobs’ powerful creativity into new statements for the upcoming season playing with the codes of the FENDI Roma logo, the exaggerated, platformed and oversized silhouettes, the black and white colour palette with a fluoro touch, through ready-to-wear and accessories.

 It all started in New York as part of the Baguette 25th Anniversary celebration, the FENDI by Marc Jacobs collection is a tribute to both the iconic Baguette bag and to the city in which its place in pop culture history was sealed, and it’s now ready to contaminate the FENDI world.

The Ready-to-Wear

In an amalgam of salon and street, uptown and downtown, Marc Jacobs takes contemporary motifs of modern life and melds them with a turn-of-the-century silhouette – the twentieth century that is. In its sinuous lines and elongated forms, the ready-to-wear collection echoes New York’s ‘Gilded Age’ in shape and yet these are ‘everyday’ items of today made into part of the mythology of the city. Here, both fantasy and reality come into play.

At the same time, utility is everywhere present, particularly with the multiple uses of pockets that are at their most pointed when they reflect the form and fastenings of the Baguette bag itself.

The FENDI Roma logo reinterpreted by Marc Jacobs finds repeat form in close, sinuous, semi-transparent knits. Here, elongated sleeves have thumbs hooked through to achieve an elegant, glove-like fit. While the repeat logo pattern also features as a bold print in more casual attire to be easily shrugged on or off.

The Accessories

This mix of luxury and utility, uptown and downtown are both signatures of the FENDI by Marc Jacobs collection and of FENDI overall, giving a sense of something cool, not too lady-like, with bags that should be worn and lived in and with each day. Of course, the main focus of the bags in the collection is the Baguette bags – ranging from Maxi to Phone Baguette, up to the Nano.

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Marc Jacobs’ bold colours and signature codes migrate to the rest of the Summer Capsule 2023, giving life to new seasonal animations. Colours, branding and contexts are changed for iconic and pillar styles.

The black and white contrast inspired by Jacobs’ codes contaminates FENDI’s iconic FF logo on embroidered canvas, giving a new edgy vibe to Baguette, Peekaboo X-Tote and Mini Mon Tresor bags.


The bow motif taken from the runway is further explored in the Summer Capsule 2023 fashion jewellery. Here, in its simple, silver-tone execution, a minimal flourish of decoration is concentrated to complement rather than compete with the extravagance of the rest of the collection. Instead, there is a focus on a single set of necklace, ring, and bracelet – only the earrings have two styles. Each demure rather than seek drama.


For the FENDI by Marc Jacobs collection, the FENDI Domino sneaker, in a white canvas high-top basketball declination is given a double sole that acts as a platform. In so doing it both grounds and elevates the silhouettes, playing on the cross between uptown and downtown, and furthering an idea of the ordinary made extraordinary in the collection.

Hats and Sunglasses

Besides the extravagant, gigantic, upcycled fur show hats, that are the crowning glory of an out-of-proportion and playful silhouette, there are also more day-to-day textile options. There is a frayed denim play on a bucket hat, still with slightly exaggerated proportions and a cotton canvas baseball cap.

Sunglasses are styled in the black and white colour options that dominate the FENDI by Marc Jacobs collection, with lenses featuring the geometric motif of the enlarged FENDI Roma logo re-envisioned by Marc Jacobs. Women’s sunglasses are in an angular and exaggerated cat-eye form, with a special tag on the stem that fuses the iconic FENDI and Marc Jacobs logos into one. Men’s sunglasses are chunky and squared, presenting a three-dimensional frame with the abstracted pattern reinterpretation of the FENDI Roma logo by Marc Jacobs.