DetoxDenim is ARMEDANGELS mission to create cleaner jeans. This means eradicating all unnecessary chemicals – from organic cotton growing without synthetic pesticides to bleaching without toxic chlorine. With organic cotton and a growing number of styles with recycled cotton, ARMEDANGELS creates jeans with a lower carbon footprint than conventional jeans – offering the perfect pair for everyone.

Make it last

Instead of fast fashion and producing it-pieces, ARMEDANGELS has dedicated itself to garments that are more sustainable and that consumers love. Because when you love your clothes, you want to wear them for longer. ARMEDANGELS’ DetoxDenim collection is on a mission to rid your jeans and other denim items of unnecessary chemicals and toxins. By investing in timeless styles and high-quality clothing, they take the perfect pair to the next level.

The perfect pair

For this DetoxDenim campaign, ARMEDANGELS focuses on five real couples, under the slogan: The Perfect Pair. These different duos present ARMEDANGELS’ new denim styles. The couples range from 19-year-old twins to a mother-daughter team, from young lovers to those who have shared loves for years. What makes the perfect duo? Honesty, being a team and, of course, having fun together.

“This season, we are taking our materials to the next level by using recycled fabrics. We are using left-over fabrics from our production facility. Instead of the fabrics being thrown away, they are shredded and spun into new yarn. We have also expanded our portfolio of fits and developed a new straight fit for women”.


ARMEDANGELS’ mission is not just to design the perfect pair of jeans, the brand also helps you take good care of your denim, providing helpful care tips to ensure the love story lasts as long as possible. This year, ARMEDANGELS is also paying extra attention to improved fits, modern silhouettes, new styles, thicker fabrics and unique washes and colours.