In October 2022, Michiel de Vries (right) and Sjoerd Steenbeek (left) introduced a new chapter to the NDSM with NEXT, just under 300 meters from their Pllek. They took their time to perfect their vision. Now, about 1.5 years later, NEXT is ready to shine as they always intended. With the appointment of new signature chef Jaimie van Heije (second from left), the duo has all the ingredients in place for the next chapter of NEXT.

NEXT combines tranquility, quality, and design with a delightful cosmopolitan atmosphere. While the interior is stunning, I encourage you to secure a spot outside on the terrace during a long, sultry summer evening. As you gaze over the water and watch the ferries travel between Central and Noord, you can fully immerse yourself in the delicious flavors and vibrant colors that NEXT has to offer.

Sjoerd Steenbeek: “Building a story from the ground up is no easy task. It comes with its challenges. Fortunately, we love a challenge.” Initially a series of ideas on paper, NEXT has become a cosmopolitan place where diverse groups meet to eat and drink, turning unexpected moments into unforgettable anecdotes. It’s a venue for new encounters, experiences, and interactions.

NEXT is hard to categorize: it’s not just a bar, grand café, restaurant, lounge, or coffee shop. It’s all of these and more, every day, all day long. The large open space, designed by studio TANK, is divided into different settings, each with a unique atmosphere for various encounters and moments. There’s always something new to experience or a different vibe to create within the same space.

In April, Jaimie van Heije joined the NEXT team. Michiel: “Over the past year, we noticed that many things were right, but not everything. With Jaimie as our signature chef, the final pieces fell into place.” Known for his refined and colorful dishes at his eponymous restaurant in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, Jaimie closed his restaurant in 2023 to seek new inspiration. Jaimie: “At NEXT, everything felt right. When a place is meticulously thought out, it’s fantastic to add to it. I get to look at dishes in a completely new way here, pairing them with cocktails like never before.”

Some of Jaimie’s classics, like the beloved tomato, strawberry, pepper, and basil dish, return to the menu at NEXT, alongside new creations such as miso eggplant and oyster with blood orange and mezcal. When visiting, please don’t miss the French toast with delightful truffle that melts on your tongue. NEXT has thought of everything, making your diner a celebration from A to Z.

NEXT is open 7 days a week (09:30 – till late) for breakfast, lunch, meetings, drinks, dinner, and drinks afterward or beforehand. The new day and evening menu are available from April 25. Want to dive into NEXT as soon as possible? Throughout May, the team serves a temporary tasting menu of four courses with bread, an aperitif, drinks pairing (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), water, and coffee for €99 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Reservations are now open via