Fashion brand Scotch & Soda is teaming up with Amsterdam-based bicycle brand Veloretti for a collection of electric and city bikes for the European market. In this way, Scotch & Soda aims to celebrate the launch of Amsterdam Proof, its seasonal capsule collection of unisex rainwear designed to brave the elements and still look stylish in all conditions.
Veloretti is known for its sleek designs that stand the test of time, both aesthetically and practically. For this collaboration, Veloretti has created 6 bikes, which are available in 26 European countries starting today. These bikes are designed in Amsterdam and produced in Europe. They are intended for daily rides through the city and combine a clean design with frames made of sturdy aluminium of the best quality, finished with a durable powder coating. And, of course, the Veloretti and Scotch & Soda logos must not be missing.
Stéphane Jaspar, CMO of Scotch & Soda, says: “Amsterdam and bikes are simply inseparable. It’s so much more than a way to get from A to B: it really is a lifestyle in the city. And we want to celebrate that, together with Veloretti, because they design the sleekest and most stylish bikes in the whole city. To make your daily bike rides here and elsewhere even more fun. We have 6 different bikes in colours to match our latest collection of “Amsterdam Proof” rainwear. So whatever the weather does this fall, we’ll help you stay dry and keep your good mood.”
Tom Wolters, Head of Sales at Veloretti, adds, “The decision to partner with Scotch & Soda was an easy one. The look and feel of our Veloretti bikes fit perfectly with Scotch & Soda’s style. And so did the idea of delivering a collection of limited edition electric and city bikes in honour of the launch of Amsterdam Proof. Because when you’re riding your Veloretti, of course, you want to look stylish. So it makes perfect sense to wear the unisex rainwear from the capsule collection while enjoying your ride on one of the Scotch & Soda x Veloretti bikes, weather or no weather.”

About the collection
The Scotch & Soda x Veloretti bicycle collection consists of electric and city bikes with a limited edition camouflage design, as well as a classic city bike in the exclusive shade of Dutch green.
Limited edition electric bikes

Veloretti’s Ace and Ivy electric models are designed with a limited edition design inspired by camouflage patterns in a dazzling mix of the shades of Dutch green, butter yellow, cedar brown and midnight black. This resembles the colour palette of Scotch & Soda’s Amsterdam Proof capsule collection. The models feature a noiseless and powerful mid-size battery with 65 nm of torque that connects to the pedals and automatically adjusts power to torque rather than speed. The result is an electric bike experience that feels natural. What’s more, the Enviolo system allows for stepless shifting because it automatically adapts to the cyclist’s behaviour. The electric bikes Ace and Ivy are equipped with hydraulic brakes and a resistant belt drive from Gates, made of carbon fibre, which does not require a drop of oil and can cover up to 30,000 kilometres without any maintenance. The lights, with their unique, hyperbolic design, run on batteries and provide constant illumination for safe bike rides from morning to night. The 504 Wh battery is internally designed and offers a range of up to 120 km. It is easily detachable and can be recharged in any normal power outlet. The sales price for the electric bikes Ace and Ivy is 2699 euros.

Limited edition city bikes
In addition to the electric bikes, two models of city bikes will also be available in the breathtaking limited edition camouflage design, designed specifically for the collaboration with Scotch & Soda:
The Caféracer is a light and reliable option that knows its way around any city. This timeless design features a frame with semi-high entry and eye-catching components. The Caféchaser is a speed demon that really makes a statement. This model is designed with a unique crossbar that connects the frame to the rear axle. The limited edition Caféracer and Caféchaser have a retail price of 505 euros.

Classic city bike
The Caféracer model, a Veloretti classic, comes in the exclusive shade of Dutch green and is available in two models, both of which have a retail price of €399.

The Scotch & Soda x Veloretti bikes can be ordered from today until November 15 at or in person at Veloretti’s flagship store in Amsterdam. During this period, it is possible for Scotch & Soda customers in some stores to scan a QR code that will take them directly to Veloretti’s website to purchase the bikes.
The electric bicycles Ace and Ivy are available exclusively in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. The Caféracer and Caféchaser models are available in 26 European countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

The Scotch & Soda x Veloretti bicycle collection celebrates the launch of Scotch & Soda’s Amsterdam Proof capsule, inspired by the functionality you need to brave the elements in Amsterdam, both brands’ home city. This capsule collection consists of unisex rainwear for adults and kids in a practical colour palette of khaki, olive green, rust brown and off-white. These items are designed to make you feel good and look stylish, weather or no weather. The unisex clothing items for adults include an oversized jacket and matching pants, a poncho, a fishing hat, a bodywarmer and a hoodie made of organic cotton. For kids, unisex items include a raincoat with matching pants and a body warmer. These weatherproof garments feature-rich utility details and specially designed graphics with texts like “Good planets are hard to find” or “Our space on Earth,” which convey Scotch & Soda’s boundless optimism. The Amsterdam Proof capsule collection is available through the Scotch & Soda website and in the brand’s own stores worldwide.

(Photo credit: “Courtesy of Scotch & Soda”)