AW23 merges the wearability of leisurewear with the carefulness of tailoring. Luxurious heavy wools meet the crispiest of poplins and soft layering in cashmere and cotton is combined with exaggerated tailored shapes. Additions to the calm neutral colour scale are green tints and rounded beiges. The design of MKDT Studio is never solely about the present time, but also about what came before and what will come after. They desire to create pieces that can perfect a wardrobe as a whole in a style that feels artistic yet formal.

The female silhouette has always foretold historical events. And at a time when every new day seems like a historical turning point, they immersed themselves in the idea of the transformative nature of women and the idea that in each human being lies not one but many truths.

As a structure for the collection, they defined three archetypes that have a special relationship with their brand.

“The Artist
The Artist approaches dressing with inspiration and bravery. The style is free-spirited and mixes dramatic oriental silhouettes with practical workwear. The heaviest of wools meet the crispiest of poplins. The contrasts in texture and silhouette make every outfit in The Artist’s closet ready to go from workshop to gallery opening.

The Specialist
With a desire for simplicity and precision, The Specialist lives for luxurious stables like cashmere sweaters, trans-seasonal suiting and perfectly steamed shirts. It is never about the new season but always about that one piece which will perfect the wardrobe as a whole. For The Specialist, we have created a selection of tailored pieces in soft tech materials. Merging the wearability of leisurewear with the carefulness of formal dressing.

The Muse
With a keen eye for the decadent, the Muse, sets out to turn heads. One day dressed in androgynous suiting, the next in a simple black dress with a perfect neckline and on to a seductive longline knitted silhouette. The distinct bolero jacket and fitted wool dresses of this season will surely fuel the desire of The Muse.”

Every season they revisit their archive to reinterpret shapes and materials. To continuously develop and reinvent pieces that feel current, allowing themselves to be inspired by their heritage. The colour palette is earthy and toned down with warm shades of grey and brown applied to textured fabrics of heavy twill wool and taffeta twill. This season they have also worked with elements of dark olive and taupe created in a padded soft tech that intersects between being timeless and contemporary simultaneously. AW 23 adds another chapter to the overarching story they write each season about the desire for craft and the importance of quality at MKDT studio.