“The Machine Stops” is an aesthetic and fashion adaptation of a visionary early 20th-century novel by Edward M. Foster. With remarkable foresight, Forster predicted globalization, the Internet, video conferencing, the impact of hygiene on society, and the erosion of genuine human relationships, among many other aspects of our 21st-century reality. The story’s relevance resonates strongly in the present time.

Set in a world where the majority of the human population has lost the opportunity to live on the Earth’s surface, individuals now dwell in isolated underground rooms, with their physical and spiritual needs managed by the omnipotent Machine, created by humanity to sustain its population. However, the role of the machine is now being questioned. Eventually, the Machine collapses, leading to the downfall of “civilization” itself. Genial found this topic inspiring and chose to interpret it in a deeply personal manner.

As a young boy discovers a way to introduce a flower into the machine, the system starts to break down, triggering a transformative event and inspiring a fresh start for a natural world.

Through their artistic vision, Genial invites viewers to contemplate the delicate balance between humanity and technology, prompting introspection about our reliance on systems and their profound impact on our lives. Their interpretation of Forster’s work serves as a catalyst for reflection and inspires a collective longing for genuine connections and the preservation of our natural world.

directors Genial @genial.pictures
director of photography Florian Solin @floriansolin
3D artist Kamyu Kami @kamyukami
creative technologist Rémi Grosson @mire.dev
editor Titouan Quintin @souleyman_3000
& Genial @genial.pictures
music Flairs for HiTnRun @mightyflairs
sound design Florian Calmer @florian_calmer
mix Loris Bernot @lorisbernot
scriptwriter Genial @genial.pictures
art direction / title design Genial @genial.pictures

production company Rumeur @rumeurparis
executive producer Flavia Cardoso @flavialef
executive producer Valentin Lefebvre @vlfbre
line producer Gaelle Bijani @agentbadkitty
production manager Laura Alday @sol_____eil

styling Créatures Studio @creatures_studio
Joana Dacheville @joana_dacheville
Agathe Philipart @agathephilippart
assisted by Leo Rouault @leorouault

post-production Everest @everest_studio
producer Sylvain Obriot @sylvainobriot
2D artist Quentin Kadlub @barbiche_quentin
colorist Baptiste Vieillard @baptistevieillard
edit assist. Romain Beltran @romainbebel
Raphael Perez @raphael_perez_de_barradas

post production Everest Lab @evrstlab
creative director Florent Canale @anomaly_spectre
lead supervisor Thomas Espinosa @thomas_espinosa
3D artist Victor Jonckheere @briquetagram
post producer Sonlan Tran @sonlan_pics

models Ajuma @ajumanasanyana, Nyadeng @nyandeng_makur
Robin @robinterzone, Ajak @ajakdengchol, Eduarda @bretaseduarda
casted by Maria Pablo Feliz @aurevoirlami
voice over Christopher Taylor @christophermtaylor
Lauren Marshall @itslaurenmarshall
casted by Charley’s angels @charleys_angels_voices

1st assistant director Balthazar Blanlot @jean_sanspeur
1st assistant caméra François Pallud – pas d’instagram
key grip Dino Fey @dinofey
assisted by Léa Sorrenti @leasorrenti
key electro Louis Jamaux @siuol_xuamaj
assisted by Hubert Eudeline @hubert.edl
steadycamer Matias Sahnoune @matiashnn

makeup artist Axelle Jérina @snakeyez
assistant makeup artist Ophélie Mirambeau @mirambeau.ophelie_mua
agent makeup and hair artist Louise Aguilar @louiseoffduty
hair artist Gor Duryan @gorgeousduryan
nail artist Magda S @nailsbymagda.s

set designer Clément Pelisson @accoudoir
assisted by Paul Thomas @paulplehrthomas
Samuel Bardaji @samuel.bardaji
Maud Guyon @maud_guyon
flower artist Garden of Bruce @gardenofbruce
scan Scan Engine @scanengine

making off Marthe Pitous @la_machu
type designer Yann Linguinou @yannlgn
script advisor Toby Merrington @toby_merrington

with Louis Vuitton @louisvuitton, Balmain @balmain, Pucci @emiliopucci, Mugler @muglerofficial, Balenciaga @balenciaga, Versace @versace
for Numéro Netherlands @numero_netherlands