Synopsis: The Last Year of Darkness revolves around a small club called Funky Town, the go-to party space for a group of twenty-year-old DJ’s, drag performers, lovers, ravers and skaters in China. In this unassuming corner bar hidden by Chengdu’s construction cranes, five locals escape their stress, even if it’s only for the night. But as the sun rises and the cranes begin to move again, our protagonists are forced to face what brought them to the party in the first place.

The coming of age documentary The Last Year of Darkness is a tantalizing portrait of the underground scene in Chengdu, China. The IDFA brought that scene to real life at an Amsterdam club at Kanaal40. This dance event featured scenes from the hundreds of hours of raw material and music by the film’s stars and editor, creating a unique film experience.

photography by Lucas Steinbusch & Nuño de la Serna