The international photography fair Haute Photographie will be held from 8 to 12 February 2023 in the Keilepand in Rotterdam. Taking place during Art Rotterdam, the five-day event with more than 50 (inter)national photographers comprises a group exhibition in a 1250m2 space, and presents photography from past (vintage), present (contemporary) and future (talents). Artists like Rotterdam duo Schilte & Portielje, Kevin Osepa, Jonas Bjerre Poulsen, Marcus Schaefer and Sara Punt and up-and-coming talents Sam Warnaar and Asha Swillens.

Colorful collection of photography
From fashion to beautiful travel photos, food and even cats, Haute Photographie will exhibit plenty of vivid colors this year. Here’s a selection of the highlights:

French fashion photographer, Laura Bonnefous – Serie Kilamba (commissioned by Louis Vuitton for the book series, “Fashion Eye”). In the series, Bonnefous explores Kilamba, a city in Angola that runs economically on Chinese investment. “The urge to explore this place, to understand the social and structural problems, that was the essence for me,” says Bonnefous. In the work, you see the connection between Africa and China through colors and shapes. Bonnefous will visit the Netherlands during the fair.

Joep Hijwegen – In essence, Hijwegen is a street photographer, who strolls through the city 24/7, guided by instinct and feeling. The photos are unplanned and unscripted with strangers. Instead of focusing on everyday life like most street photographers, his work focuses completely on the zeitgeist and individual experiences: in heavy rain, on busy streets, people absorbed in their own world. Haute Photographie will show exclusive images that he shot last year during a world trip, which includes places like New York, Toronto and many more.

Fleur Huijsdens – With her graduation assignment/series Felis Silvestris Catus, Huijsdens attracts a lot of attention. At first glance, the series looks like cheerful, colorful cat photos. But if you look closely, they are of cats with human traits. A wink at how cats serve as a mirror for the emotions humans project onto felines.

Gaby Fling – Fling’s images are bursting with colorful compositions and aesthetic angles. Femininity and food are two recurring ingredients in her work. With her background in fashion, she knows exactly what works. 

Sports photography: 115 years of Feyenoord and a retro look at the world of boxingThe Rotterdam football club was founded on July 19, 1908. In honor of Feyenoord’s 115th anniversary in 2023, Haute, in collaboration with the National Archives, will exhibit 55 previously unseen/printed works. Vintage images from just after the war until the end of the 1980s with Mister Feyenoord himself, Coen Moulijn, Willem van Hanegem, Ruud Gullit and Johan Cruijff.In addition to a look back in time at football, Haute Photographie will pay tribute to boxing with a unique inside view of this world, supplemented with iconic boxing images (1920-1950).
Book presentation and signing session

On Saturday 11 February, the book presentation will be combined with a signing session by Eric van den Elsen. Haute will present his latest book: Alma Desnuda, Spanish for Naked Soul. A series that observes the delicate panache of a young woman on an island.


  • Key image: ©Schilte & Portielje
  • Albert Watson, Sebastian in Issey Miyake, New York City, 1989
  • Kilamba – ©Laura Bonnefous
  • Ghosts, New York 2022 – ©Joep Hijwegen
  • Eric van den Elsen