Created in 2014, the La Panthère fragrance dares to revisit legendary chypre with an innovative floral-feline accord. A fragrance for which Cartier designed a bottle carved from the inside: a head sculpted at a right angle, a square jaw and bevelled eye. It reflects the panther’s hypnotic signature; its sleek and sensual femininity.

Nine years later, while the scent remains unchanged, this iconic bottle has become an emblem and pared down with a more responsible approach. A subtle makeover that prioritises lightness and limits environmental impact. How? Firstly, by drastically reducing the weight of glass by 50%. Then by significantly reducing the plastic of the cap by 70%, and using aluminium, a 94% recyclable material. What is the objective? To reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This is an objective that has been achieved by 48% for the new 100ml bottle and its 200ml refill, compared to three previous 100ml bottles.

In addition, the pursuit of the natural requires the use of 100% plant-based alcohol.

The Panthère bottle, entirely refillable, marks the beginning of a responsible process initiated in 2021 with the Rivières de Cartier collection. Implemented again for Pasha de Cartier and intended to include all the Maison’s signature fragrances from now until 2025.

In terms of design, Cartier has emphasised the curves of the panther’s head, in a more organic and primitive style. While staying faithful to the allure of the original, this new version softens the dynamic of the lines bringing a stronger link with the Maison’s jewellery emblem.