This new campaign was created by Dior at the heart of the impressive
salk institute in San Diego, California. Concrete brutalist buildings and a meditative water garden combine with a view overlooking the pacific and the sun’s rays reflecting off the ocean.

Photographed by Camilla Akrans and filmed by director Damien Krisl, actors Anya Taylor-Joy and Yara Shahidi, the models Jiali Zhao, Maty Fall and Fernanda Oliveira embody a sisterhood that is more radiant than ever. Five women with five unique personalities present the new face of Dior Beauty.

To the sound of the powerful “Why does my heart feel so bad?” By Moby, a sublime play of light and shadow unfurls, in which faces intertwine with the Salk Institute Architecture, textures are layered and bottles become totems.

The power of naturalness combines with science to enhance all skin and every woman.