Words by Asia Lanzi

“The Hidden Dimension” is a captivating short film that delves into the mind and artistry of queer photographer Leo Maki. The film offers an intimate and thought-provoking exploration of Maki’s creative process, where themes of sexuality, desire, and reality blend into art. Following its highly anticipated feature on Nowness, the film has also been shortlisted and won Silver for the Cannes Young Director Award in the Documentary category.

Directed by Ben Galster and produced by Studio Christian Ruess and the queer platform Container Love, “The Hidden Dimension” presents a powerful portrait of Leo Maki, an artist based in Poland. In an interview with Container Love, Maki expressed the challenges faced by queer individuals in Poland, highlighting the struggles and sacrifices they endure. Despite progress in LGBTQIA+ representation, there is still a long way to go in achieving equality, particularly in Poland, where same-sex civil unions are not legally recognized and anti-LGBT hate speech has escalated.

Through Leo Maki’s personal journey and photography style, which challenges stereotypical masculinity roles and embraces sexuality and nudity, “The Hidden Dimension” offers a deeper look into queer spaces in adverse contexts. The film celebrates the complexity, beauty, and resilience of queer identities, inviting viewers to explore the artist’s mind and experience a mix of vulnerability and empowerment.

Known for his authentic storytelling and unique visual approach, director Ben Galster skillfully captures the essence of Leo Maki’s work. The film combines various techniques, including visual effects, to create a dreamy and captivating experience for the audience.

Container Love, the acclaimed platform promoting identities and queer culture, brought to life “The Hidden Dimension” together with Ben Galster.” The film serves as a reminder that queer identities matter, exist, and must be acknowledged and celebrated to foster inclusive and safe societies for everyone.

The talented queer visual artist and photographer Leo Maki, brings his distinctive style to the screen, exploring topics such as intimacy, desire, bodies, erotism, physicality, and dreams. Based in Warsaw, Poland, Maki’s work has garnered international recognition and has been exhibited in renowned exhibitions, including Visible Love.

“The Hidden Dimension” is a powerful testament to the resilience and creativity of queer artists and their vital role in shaping a more inclusive world. The film sheds light on the struggles, triumphs, and aspirations of the LGBTQIA+ community, urging society to embrace diversity as the standard.

For more information and to watch “The Hidden Dimension”, please visit the Container Love website.