Olcay Gulsen Beauty’s long-term strike of success paved the way for the new skincare line Gentle, specifically designed for men. Consisting of five central products, the fresh skincare offers a perfect skincare routine that is accessible and easy to maintain. At first glance, you can’t help but appreciate the elegant simplicity of the line. The minimalistic layout of the packaging features a grey-toned design and numbered instructions for uncomplicated use. Launched in December, Gentle helps with fine lines, irritations, and common skincare concerns, putting you on a Gentle journey towards dream wellness.

The brand’s title sheds light on the authentic nature of the line: maintaining your gentle self is important not only for your well-being but also for those surrounding you. Designed for the modern male, the brand offers a simple yet highly effective guide to skincare. Starting with the N°0 step of Face Wash, the gentle skincare line proceeds to the N°1 Essential Serum, N°2 Day Cream, N°3 Miracle Blur, and N°4 Skin Perfector.

N°0 Face Wash is the starting point of a gentle skincare journey aiming to hydrate and strengthen the skin’s moisturiser barrier. The glycerin-based lightweight gel product is recommended on damp skin for morning and evening use and prepares the skin for a fresh start leading us to the N°1 Essential Serum. Formulated with 10% niacinamide, the soothing serum combined with glycerin, hyaluronate and a probiotic complex is perfect for every skin type.

Now that the skin is cleansed and protected with the evening touch of the serum, it’s time for the second stop. N°2 Day Cream consists of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, niacinamide, and polypeptides to boost collagen production and 24-hour hydration. This carefully picked cocktail is the essential guide to achieving brightened skin and fighting fine lines and free radicals.

Continuing the straightforward step-by-step plan offered by the brand, N°3 Miracle Blur stands out as the top bestseller. The reasoning behind this success is evident in the silky-soft finish of the product, which blurs out pores and fine lines with the hyaluronic acid and rosehip oil. The natural cocktail of these unique ingredients is well-known to help with redness problems simultaneously.

Here comes the final step of your Gentle journey: N°4 Skin Perfector. The aesthetically packaged item provides sheer coverage, adjusting your skin tone precisely and leaving the perfect silky matte finish. The SPF20 protection and long-lasting hydration are the cherries on top.

Olcay Gulsen Beauty’s fresh skincare line is a true inspiration as a comprehensive program designed to empower the contemporary man to take charge of his daily routine and feel confident in his own skin. With only five essential products, the Gentle Journey leads you to immediate results and a long-term dedication to your youthful wellness.

The collection is available online.