Embark on a journey through cinematic nostalgia with The Garment’s AW24 collection which draws its inspiration from the enduring allure of the iconic 1980 film, American Gigolo. Picture the scenes of Richard Gere in his sleek black Mercedes 450 SL, unveiling a seductive wardrobe in a symphony of colours, mirrored also by the confidence and style of Lauren Hutton.

 This season encapsulates the seamless transition of West Hollywood as it shifted from a soft bohemian vibe to the irresistible allure of steel, marble, and glass, whilst preserving its inherent sense of glamour.

The balance between soft and masculine is shown in a look with a banana yellow V-neck sweater, a tie, and wide-tailored pants and elsewhere in a seductive black tuxedo jacket, adorned with a slim white collar and a floor-length faux fur that create an aura of nocturnal temptation.

Remaining true to The Garment’s signature off-color range, this season explores shades of coffee, highlighted by soft banana, charcoal, black, champagne and white – sparking memories of perusing Gere’s dressing room drawers filled with ties and shirts in a spectrum of tanned earthy tones. Crafted from recycled leather, wool and hand-knits, the collection introduces a slimmer silhouette that elegantly reveals the body. Classic pieces are reborn, – for example, the boxy, slightly too short jacket, the extravagantly long-sleeved turtleneck, and the transparent bubble skirt. Paired with a wide-shouldered, belted leather jacket, each piece empowers you to dress up while also expressing your individuality.

Wardrobe Staple Shoes 
In alignment with the philosophy of “less is more,” The Garment’s AW-24 collection continues its collaboration with the esteemed Florence-based Italian leather expert, Gia Borghini. Introduced this season is the ultimate seasonal shoe, the Derby – reminiscent of a classical golf shoe with a distinctive rubber sole – the Mary Jane – featuring a stubbed nose and a silhouette heel resembling a stiletto from the back but offering the width and comfort of a pump – and finally a knee-length, high-heeled boot with front-stitched detailing that accentuates the craftsmanship. Each piece is presented in “Moro” – a deep brown and black color palette.

Independent Clothing
Established in 2020, The Garment is a celebration of craftsmanship and the gradual construction of a complete wardrobe. With a touch of masculinity and a deconstructive twist, Creative Director Charlotte Eskildsen’s signature is witnessed in visible hems, rough edges and a nerdy play between pure and complicated simplicity. Each piece stands independently, is wearable on its own or can be  layered for versatile styling, becoming the foundation of your wardrobe’s DNA and personal taste.