The power of the human imagination is boundless. It is the spirit of discovery that propels the artist forward, into new creative spheres.

Future returns with a last release for Lanvin Lab: two remarkable histories combine to tell a singular story. Centuries-old elegance is reimagined with the verve and swagger of our modern age. Grammy-winning wunderkind Future reveals his innermost passion with a tribute to classic streetwear and Lanvin’s couture heritage.

“Fashion is art; it’s self-expression, just like music. They’re both creative outlets in the human experience.”


Embracing Jeanne Lanvin’s love of symbolism, Future has cultivated his own language of iconography inspired by space exploration. The eagle, his personal emblem, is a reappearing motif, as is NASA and Pluto–our solar system’s furthermost realm. Interplanetary travel serve as a metaphor for Future’s pioneering achievements and Jeanne Lanvin’s pursuit of the extraordinary. Expressed through pins and applique patches, they are symbols of the power and creativity of the human imagination.

The collection’s breadth ranges from formal to casual and includes small leather accessories along with prêt-à-porter. Highlights include tailoring, a reinterpretation of the iconic Cat Bag featuring custom eagle hardware, and an energetic take on artfully distressed denim. Future has reinterpreted typography from the house’s archive into a printed motif.

Lanvin Lab by Future debuts a new sneaker silhouette: the Lanvin Cash. It is the fruit of close collaboration between Future and Lanvin’s design team. Inspired by classic skate footwear, the Lanvin Cash features Jeanne Lanvin’s initials structurally integrated into the upper. The new icon joins a roster of evergreen house classics.

Lanvin Lab by Future’s final release is available online and in stores.