The Dalmore and V&A Dundee present world premiere of their collaboration: The Luminary Series

A unique series of limited Rare and Collectible whiskeys created by icons from the worlds of whiskey and design

Luminary No.1, 2022 Edition: A series of rare single malt whiskies, developed in collaboration with world-renowned architect Kengo Kuma and his protégé Maurizio Mucciola.

The Dalmore Highland Single Malt introduces The Luminary Series – a collection of rare, limited edition single malts presented by unique talent from the worlds of whiskey and architectural design and curated in collaboration with Scottish design museum V&A Dundee. Over the next three years, the series will tell the stories of visionary artisans who continue to refine their work while celebrating the greats who inspire us to realize our full potential.

The three-part series will start in 2022 and Luminary whiskeys will be released per edition: The Rare and The Collectible. Each release in the Luminary Series spotlights a visionary design talent; he/she is responsible for the design of the bottle and the accompanying handmade display. The unique composition of the liquids per edition is the responsibility of the whiskey makers of The Dalmore.

The Luminary Series – Luminary No.1, 2022 edition

Luminary No.1, 2022 Edition is the inaugural chapter of The Luminary Series, highlighting the combined skills of two masters and their protégés: internationally acclaimed architect Kengo Kuma and his protégé Maurizio Mucciola, the chief architects of V&A Dundee, and master distiller Richard Paterson OBE and master whiskey maker Gregg Glass. This 2022 edition pays tribute to the cultural heritage of these greats and their shared passion for natural materials, deep respect for the creative process and a lifelong commitment to the pursuit of excellence.

Luminary No.1 – The Rare – 2022 Edition

The Rare, by Kengo Kuma and Richard Paterson OBE, is a unique creative collaboration that brings together culture and craft. This groundbreaking and rare 48-year-old single malt marks a milestone in the creative collaboration between Kuma and Paterson. This started way back in 2020, when a four-year partnership with V&A Dundee was announced.

Only three bottles of The Rare are made, which are placed in a unique sculpture designed by Kengo Kuma. This consists of 48 parts and is handmade from Japanese and Scottish oak and glittering steel. The bottle contains a very scarce and valuable whiskey that has been nurtured for 48 years by master distiller Richard Paterson OBE and is aged in barrels of also Japanese and Scottish oak.

One of the sculptures created for The Rare will be marketed through Sotheby’s London. Part of the proceeds will be donated to V&A Dundee. Another sculpture will be kept at the distillery in Highland. The designer’s original image will be on display at V&A Dundee from late October.

Kengo Kuma, the only architect named in the prestigious TIME 100 last year, and Richard Paterson, who received his OBE in the 2021 New Year’s Honors List for his services to whiskey, bring together more than six decades of experience to the realization of this extraordinary creation. Last year, Kuma and Paterson starred in Decades In The Making, a short film showing the creation of this unique collaboration. The work of two industry icons, coming together in The Rare, truly embodies the pursuit of excellence over a lifetime.

The Luminary No.1 – The Collectible – 2022 Edition

The Collectible is a reflection of the work on The Rare, but this time it is the hands of the protégés that lead to this creation. Gregg Glass puts his passion for wood and taste in the spotlight by creating an innovative 15 year old single malt. This Collectible Edition comes to the market in a contemporary packaging designed by Kengo Kuma’s protégé Maurizio Mucciola.

The Collectible began its journey in American white oak barrels and ended it in hand- selected Italian Amarone red wine barrels and custom ‘Kintsugi’ barrels. Created especially for this limited series, these are crafted from Scottish Tay Oak, sourced from a tree found on the banks of the River Tay, Japanese Mizunara Oak and American White Oak – a nod to each Luminary’s heritage.

Mucciola skilfully pays homage to his mentor’s design in his packaging design, using the same kind of geometric particles scattered throughout the case. His design celebrates the uniqueness of this world first collaboration and accentuates the importance of visualizing potential with tangible matter.