The trailblazing automobile maker recently premiered the CUPRA Tavascan in Berlin. CUPRA’s first all-electric SUV coupe is the impulse for a new striking design language that paves the way for future electrified cars in the brand’s line-up. 

Remaining truthful to the show car presented at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show in 2019, what then looked like a car from the distant future has now become a reality. Sleek, sporty lines are coupled with matrix LED headlights to create a vehicle that exudes high performance. 

“The CUPRA Tavascan brings an unconventional style with its progressive and emotional approach to the SUV coupe segment” said Jorge Díez, CUPRA Design Director“It’s a new interpretation of electric performance that’s daring, and organic, built on strong lines and an athletic and purposeful stance.”

The sculptured exterior lines of the Tavascan follow on inside the vehicle. The central spine is the most striking feature of the interior. Connecting the console body with the dashboard, its organic shape emanates a feeling of weightlessness in the cabin. The futuristic design of the car is complimented by the technology within. A floating 15” infotainment screen integrates the newly designed and developed Human Machine Interface (HMI), making for an optimised and intuitive experience. This combine this with the 12 premium Sennheiser speakers embedded within for a theatrical experience backlit by the Tavascan’s interior mood LED lighting.  

The premier was enhanced by impressive brand collaborators – Rosalía and Willow Smith. The latter performed through means of a hologram, testament to the brand’s inclination to provoke and push boundaries by means of surreal experiences. CUPRA is setting itself out as a brand that wants to change what it means to be an automobile maker. The event, held during the Berlin ePrix in which two CUPRA drivers raced in the Formula E World Championships, also featured a VR experience in which guests could take a step into the virtual world of Metahype. VR headsets transport the user to CUPRA’s very own metaverse. Inside lay the ability to interact with the Tavascan, expoloring its interior while travelling through different climates. The event was soundtracked by a host of exciting DJs, a nod to the brand’s ongoing collaboration with music festival Primavera Sound. The festival that takes place in Barcelona and Madrid features a Boiler Room x CUPRA stage that hosts some of the best DJs in the world for party goers to enjoy.