What an evening! Kicking off an exciting Watch Week, the Bulgari event organized last night on the shores of Lake Geneva truly transported guests into a world of watchmaking excellence. The Italian Maison’s latest collection, Octo Roma, was showcased in the heart of a spacious area that was transformed to accentuate the brand’s iconic octagonal design, making it the focal point of the event.

More than 150 distinguished guests, friends, celebrities and journalists enthusiastically gathered around Bulgari CEO Jean-Christophe Babin, who unveiled the new Octo Roma models together with Antoine Pin, Managing Director of Bulgari Watches. “First presented in 2012, the Octo symbolically opened a new decade last night, a new chapter in its history,” said Jean-Christophe Babin. “The celebration of Octo Roma was characterized by a sense of marking time with style, thanks in part to the presence of Italian actor and director, Alessandro Gassmann, and British actor Lucien Laviscount, both proud to be among the first to wear the Octo Roma watch”. Forging a connection between Italian elegance and Swiss excellence, the Artistic Director of the Swiss Company of the Béjart Ballet Lausanne, Gil Roman, created especially for this occasion a new performance expressing the versatility of the Octo Roma. 

The celebration was marked by an eight-minute special choreography for three dancers, adding a touch of magic to the unveiling of the watches characterized by an eight-faceted case. Through their artistic presentation involving the watch, the performers showcased the various facets of Octo Roma, highlighting its status as a classic yet non-classic timepiece. The guests were left in awe, moved by the rare intensity of the dancers’ movements that created a truly enchanting atmosphere. 

This Bulgari evening will be remembered as an exceptional event paying tribute to the Octo watch and its powerful design. In just over 10 years, combining heritage, architecture and fine watchmaking, the Octo collection has initiated a radical breakthrough in the watchmaking community, becoming synonymous with a profoundly innovative and powerful Italian design, capable of enriching the Swiss art of watchmaking thanks to its incredible ability to renew and strengthen its aesthetic signature. Versatile, sophisticated, elegant, it has become a status piece offering a wide range of expressions, from the automatic watch to the most fascinating tourbillons, including the astonishing chronograph.