In the world of fashion, controversies and designers often find themselves intertwined, pushing boundaries and challenging societal norms. 

This editorial takes inspiration from the iconic fashion designer John Galliano and his notable work at Dior. Aptly named “The Battle Against Controversies,” this concept embraces the blurred line between art and controversy, creating a visually striking narrative within the confines of a boxing ring. 

The models, embodying the strength and resilience of boxers, will be adorned in exquisite designer gowns, symbolizing that they are just there to showcase the art. Which we as a society can reach or preach. 

The Boxing Ring
The choice of a boxing ring as the setting for this photoshoot represents the intense struggle and relentless spirit that both fashion designers and boxers share. It symbolizes the battleground as fashion designers continue to stand behind their designs, where boundaries are broken, and where creativity flourishes. 

The juxtaposition of high fashion and the raw, physical nature of boxing creates a captivating visual metaphor that captures the essence of this concept.

Exploring John Galliano’s Influence
John Galliano, renowned for his audacious designs and controversial remarks, serves as the primary inspiration for this photoshoot. John Galliano’s career was marred by controversies including anti-Semitic remarks, cultural appropriation, addiction, insensitive costume choices, and fetishizing racism. These incidents led to his dismissal from Dior and drew widespread condemnation, highlighting the complex relationship between fashion, art, and accountability. 

His Dior 2000 “Homeless Chic” collection, drew accusations of insensitivity and exploitation of marginalized communities. By focusing on Galliano’s work, this editorial seeks to delve into the complexities of his artistry while acknowledging the controversies that have surrounded his career.

Location: @motivationforyouzaandam
Photography: Isha van Dijk @ishh.jpeg
Creative Direction: Isha van Dijk @ishh.jpeg & Herpium @herpium
Styling: Herpium @herpium & Christelle McCracken @styledbychristelle / @myrunwayarchive
Styling assistant: Lauren Smith @laurenjosephine.s
Light assistant: @timothy_hoesnson 
Assistants: Anna Jacobs @_annajacobs, Veerle van Sleeuwen @veerlevsleeuwen
Make up:@anhnguyaen @eeagency using @diorbeauty
Assistant: @imkejasmijn
Hair: @hakahair using @c0_hak

Casting director: Michiel van Maaren @Michielvanmaaren
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