Fashion designer Tess van Zalinge kicked off Amsterdam Fashion Week in Rotterdam with a playful nod. Twenty renowned and inspiring women from various disciplines in the creative industry, such as Maan de Steenwinkel, Stephanie Afrifa, and Miluska van ‘t Lam, graced the breathtaking rooftop of Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam. Accompanied by three violinists performing Ramses Shaffy’s melodies, they showcased the new ‘klavertje drie’ collection.

The intermittent rays of sunshine amidst the rain showers during the show perfectly encapsulated the essence of the new collection, aptly named ‘klavertje drie’.

“Our choice of models aims to demonstrate that our label strives for a new perspective on couture. We celebrate not only beauty and craftsmanship but also prioritize inclusivity, accessibility, and allowing everyone to identify with couture. Our line-up mirrors our determination to make couture accessible to all and to convey a message of self-expression and empowerment.”

Tess van Zalinge


The ‘klavertje drie’ collection, a masterpiece of craftsmanship and sustainability, pays tribute to the power of reuse. In a time when environmental awareness is crucial, Tess van Zalinge emphasizes that fashion and sustainability can harmonize, as is her signature approach. This unique collection is entirely crafted from leftover materials sourced from prominent fashion houses. Each piece tells a story of innovation and dedication to circularity. The label remains resolute in tackling this challenge, despite the paradoxical dynamics inherent in ‘sustainable fashion’.

The inspiration for the ‘klavertje drie’ collection stems from Tess’s childhood fascination with searching for a four-leaf clover during Dutch summers. The concept of appreciating what you have and working with what you find forms the foundation of this collection, evident in the many artisanal layers of the designs.