A fresh international narrative in sound, anchored by Berlin’s iconic music scene, redefining the global soundstage: TERRA-9 booking and management agency just launched.

Berlin’s electronic music narrative is set to evolve with the launch of TERRA-9, a visionary agency that promises to redefine the auditory experience of the city’s discerning listeners. Coalescing the wisdom of industry experts Alexandra Ismalone and Fabio Venezia, TERRA-9 emerges from the legacy of Circle and Thrust Agency, bringing over three decades of collective insight to the forefront of artist management and booking.

With an inaugural roster boasting 33 artists, TERRA-9 is not merely showcasing talent but is curating a revolution in sound. The agency’s roster, featuring luminaries like Phase Fatale, Pablo Bozzi, Terence Fixmer, Laure Croft, and Neux, alongside a cadre of emerging talents, represents a symphony of electronic music that is as authentic as it is groundbreaking.

TERRA-9’s approach transcends traditional boundaries, creating narratives that resonate with the pulse of the electronic underground and the music scene in general. Its strategic partnerships with avant-garde platforms such as 47 and Bite, and its collaboration with sister agency Hyper-Dreams, home to acts such as Kalte Liebe, Miss Bashful and Clara Cuvé, underline its commitment to fostering cultural dialogue through music. This synergy expands TERRA-9’s reach, making a resounding impact on a metropolis celebrated for its electronic innovation. As TERRA-9 ignites fresh momentum in the techno and electronic music scene, it invites aficionados and artists alike to be part of a movement that is as much an homage to the genre as it is a reinvention. This is the dawn of a new era – where music is not consumed but encountered, where every performance is a curated experience tailored for the authentic seeker.