‘Les Lunettes De Nuit’ SS22 – Tarrāh 002 – Ready-To-Wear – Accessories. The Rave Sunglasses as accessories for the night.

Tarrāh Studios by Vincent Puja released ‘Les Lunettes De Nuit’ on the 14th of July as the first pair of sunglasses by the brand ever made.

The RAVE SUNGLASSES as part of ‘LES LUNETTES DE NUIT’ is an essential for the hot summer season, sunny days and long nights outside. The futuristic design is refined by its light weight and comfort, making it perfect for wearing it during a hot summer rave night.

The glasses launched in two colorways NOIR BLACK & MÉTALLISÉ SILVER. Presented in a unique way which blends Amsterdam’s underground scenes and Tarrāh Studios‘ unique concept together in latest fashionable accessories.

“A pair of glasses I specifically decided to make for the hot summer season and long nights at rave parties” – Vincent Puja

About Tarrāh Studios

Tarrāh Studios is a luxury fashion brand inspired by the vibe of industrial underground elements combined with an oriental flair.

The name “Tarrāh“ is derived from the Persian language and can be translated to the meaning of “designer“.

The brand and designs are influenced by Persian, urban and minimalistic structures.

Underground scenes, urban cities, hot summers and rave parties combine the unique vibe of the brand.