This season’s collection is a humours play on the term performance wear, where we take it out of its original context and put it on the stage.

Hyper technological outerwear is fused with traditional alpine costumes and the body becomes a topographical map to climb upon. We clash natural materials like loden (traditional virgin wool felt) with active wear fabrics and repurposed vintage lace with our printed lace that looks so artificial yet being 100% natural latex. 

Keeping in line with our sustainable approach all materials are either natural, repurposed or dead stock.

Kasia Kucharska is a Berlin-based brand, founded in 2021. The reinvention of traditional craft and technology-driven manufacturing techniques stands at the core of our designs. With a focus on new ways of making garments and special attention to sustainable and conscious manufacturing techniques, we are pushing the boundaries of conventional fashion design.

Our approach is not focused on silhouette making. Instead it is based on process ideas and on finding new technologies and techniques for traditional craft. We want it to be a suggestion to consider clothing as a medium not yet exhausted.