TAKAHIROMIYASHITATheSoloist. presents the Fall Winter 2023 collection titled:

“The Two Of Us”

It’s been a year and a half since the last runway show. The collection reflects Miyashita’sdeep admiration of a female friend, who will remain unnamed.

“Without a doubt I like and respect her. She’s a friend and like a sister at the same time.”


A predominantly monochromatic black collection signals Miyashita’s connection to her. Encapsulating her existence in each garment.

The collection mainly consists of uniquely tailored combinations of jackets/coats and bottoms. Materials rarely seen in Miyashita’s recent collections such as fur, leather, satin, and velvet, make a surprising comeback. The collection is neither “his or hers”. Items on male models such as jackets transform from women to men. Woven and knitted dresses, skirts and culottes in various length make gender within the collection ever more ambiguous. 

One of the notable styles in the collection is the ‘off-shoulder’ design which forces the wearer to only experience the garment as intended, off-shoulder, sparking a conversation about restraint. Additional creatives are sources of inspiration for the collection alongside the “unnamed woman”. David Carson, the art director of the legendary music and style publication “Ray Gun” who Miyashita admired during his teen years created graphics for the collection. Akira Kosemura, the composer, and pianist created the calming music for the runway featuring piano with occasional vocals and chorus. As always, each piece that Miyashita creates and presents is built with symbolism and is testament to what strong story telling through design should be.

with support of Rakuten Project “by R”