Interview by Patrick Boyle

The new boutique, located at the intersection of P.C. Hoofstraat and Van Baerlestraat in the heart of Amsterdam’s iconic shopping district, marks the addition of this prestigious new address to the TAG Heuer family in The Netherlands. The opening was celebrated with a delightful cocktail reception, providing guests with an exclusive glimpse into the world of TAG Heuer.

Following the grand opening, attendees, including the invited press and influencers, embarked on a discovery of Amsterdam’s most beautiful and fascinating landscapes. A picturesque canal cruise through the historic waterways of Amsterdam transported guests to the city’s new creative hub and event venue, Capital C, situated on the Amstel riverbanks within an old diamond exchange.Passing by one of Amsterdam’s bridges, no one could miss the floating pontoon with Max Verstappen’s car from the new Formula 1 season. This unique and incredible outdoor campaign coincided with the boutique’s opening and highlighted the brand’s long-standing partnership with Oracle Red Bull Racing Formula 1 champion Max Verstappen, TAG Heuer’s ambassador.

The charming Capital C venue landmarks a melting pot for creativity and diversity with an added historical touch and a modern edge, the perfect backdrop for TAG Heuer’s legacy and its avant-garde and innovative spirit.

At the official ceremony, Davide Lunghi, General manager of TAG Heuer Central Europe, and Mike von Kinderen, CCO of Schaap en Citroen Juweliers, expressed their gratitude to all the partners, emphasising the significance of coming together to celebrate this exciting moment together with the brand. 

We were delighted to get the opportunity to speak to Davide Lunghi, General manager of TAG Heuer Central Europe, about the opening of the new Amsterdam boutique, its key design features and the brand’s long-standing relationship with motorsport. 

What is the importance of physical stores for TAG Heuer?

Providing a tangible and immersive experience for customers is especially important for TAG Heuer. While online sales are significant, physical stores allow customers to interact directly with the brand, view and try on the products, and receive personalize assistance. Additionally, physical stores serve as a showcase for TAG Heuer’s luxurious timepieces, enhancing brand visibility and prestige.

TAG Heuer has a rich heritage and deep connection to motorsports. How did you translate this into the new boutique?

The connection to motorsports is highly due to the brand’s relationship with drivers, and this is reinforced today through the partnership with Oracle Red Bull Racing. We have translated it and are paying tribute to in in the new boutique, bringing some details in the decoration and design elements that evoke the excitement and precision of racing. From the layout reminiscent of a racetrack to displays featuring iconic racing imagery, including those of TAG Heuer’s ambassador and racing prodigy, Max Verstappen, the boutique offers an immersive experience that resonates with TAG Heuer’s motorsports legacy.

What was the inspiration behind choosing Amsterdam as the location for TAG Heuer’s latest boutique?

Amsterdam was the perfect location, stemming from the city’s vibrant culture, thriving retail scene, and strategic position as a European hub. The city’s iconic status as a destination for luxury shopping and its dynamic atmosphere make it an ideal location to put forth TAG Heuer’s prestigious timepieces and attract both local and international clients.

What are the key features and design elements of the Amsterdam boutique?

The boutique is located on the luxurious shopping stretch of PC Hoofstraat in an 86 sq m spaces boasting two floors. The boutique’s retail concept was developed in-house by our Swiss architectural team with precise attention to clean lines, premium materials, and a deep-blue colour palette, harmonizing with TAG Heuer’s watch collection. The interior’s design reflects TAG Heuer’s commitment to innovation and luxury, combining sleek modernity with elements that pay homage to the watchmaker’s rich heritage and motorsports history, creating an inviting environment for customers to explore the brand’s offerings through interactive displays. In addition, the VIP Lounge on the second floor provides an exclusive experience to our clients.

As part of the boutique opening, Max Verstappen’s Red Bull Racing show car will be unveiled on the canals of Amsterdam. What parallels can you draw between Red Bull Racing and TAG Heuer?

Since its inception in 2016, both entities embrace excellence, innovation, and a relentless pursuit for high performance. Just as Oracle Red Bull Racing pushes the boundaries of motorsport with cutting-edge technology and daring manoeuvres, TAG Heuer pushes the boundaries of watchmaking with precision engineering and avant-garde design. The unveiling of Max Verstappen’s Red Bull Racing show car truly shows the parallels between Oracle Red Bull Racing and TAG Heuer.

Finally, what watch are you wearing today?

TAG Heuer Carrera Glassbox 39 mm with a blue dial.