Simplicity and recognisable lines characterise the collection.

Table du Sud enjoys working with creative innovators through a design collaboration. This time, Table du Sud and Rotterdam-based duo Studio Verbaan joined forces by designing two drop-shaped dining tables. Studio Verbaan’s style is characterised by simplicity and a recognisable interplay of lines, which is exactly what the tables made in collaboration with Table du Sud are based on.

“During our first meeting, we actually fell for certain objects by
Studio Verbaan, which also ended up underpinning the design of the tables”,
says Teun Antonissen, founder Table du Sud.

Table du Sud x Studio Verbaan collection

The collection consists of two dining tables; a semi-oval and a semi-round, also known as a drop-shaped table. The gracefulness of the shape of the top is combined with a conical and semi-open base, creating a chic and modern look.

Like the other Table du Sud collection, the tables are custom-made, meaning the buyer can decide on the size, colour and various other options. This allows the table to be optimally coordinated with the rest of the interior.

Table du Sud x Studio Verbaan oval table
Available from 200 cm to 300 cm
Price from €2,125

Table du Sud x Studio Verbaan round table
Available from 130 cm to 140 cm
Price from €2,045