The famed SWATCH SISTEM51 mechanical watches are now made of materials sourced from nature! When innovation, bio-sourcing and Swiss time-precision are combined, time is used to its most ecient level as truly: time is what you make of it. Inserted into a mechanical movement, 51 pieces, 1 screw and all assembled automatically: a real innovation concentrate combined in one watch with an up-to-date message – Swatch is timeless.

This September Swatch presented its latest innovation that marked the first time a watchmaker has succeeded in replacing all conventional by bio-sourced origins in a series production environment. Perfectly tting these strong models requires strong statements that will speak either to your mind or to your heart: “DON’T BE TOO LATE” and “TIME IS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT” – the choice is all yours.

The recently introduced bio-sourced materials, extracted from the seeds of the castor plant, now debut in the brand’s mechanical watch line SISTEM51, a real engineering feat. The rst mechanical movement ever made whose assembly is fully automated remains a true sensation in the industry, recognized as one of the most interesting mechanical developments in the watchmaking industry this past decade. Like any automatic watch, SISTEM51 has no need for a battery – it is powered by the person who wears it. Every movement of the wrist sets the rotor in motion, winding the watch, so SISTEM51 features an ‘automatic’, or ‘self-winding’ movement. Even when removed from the wrist and put to rest for a while, it keeps on going for an exceptional 90 hours, thanks to the kind support of your gestures. Therefore, there is not a moment to lose, don’t be too late to grab a hold of these bio-reloaded mechanical highlights.

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