Art has the power to see the world in a different light and amazing things can happen if you take the time to stop and look. This year, Swatch has partnered with the world-famous Tate Gallery to bring more art to more people through the Swatch Art Journey with a brand new range of masterpieces to choose from.

The Swatch x Tate Gallery collection captures the essence of Swatch in a way that none of the art collaborations have done before. The collaboration represents a journey through time, genre and self-expression. The iconic artists and unique works chosen for this year’s collection reflect the groundbreaking, innovative, positive challenge and ‘joie de vivre’ that Swatch is known for.

Swatch X Tate gallery
Swatch is known for its long-standing connection with art, bringing more art to more people and giving fans the time to express themselves through art-inspired watches. Tate is the perfect partner and is known for its collections that span all eras and genres. The unique Tate Modern Lates program invites everyone to become part of the life of the museum.

Swatch’s masterpieces allow you to express your identity through your choice of watch – just as the artists expressed themselves through their works – to connect with others and start their own conversations. Swatch invites you to take the time for your masterpiece.

The seven different artists
This special collection is in collaboration with seven talented artists, each with their own unique style and vision. JMW Turner, often regarded as ‘the father of modern art’, brings his characteristic flair for color and movement to the collection. Marc Chagall, a pioneer of early modernism, is known for his lively and chaotic compositions.

Joan Miró, a master of abstraction, showcases his Catalan heritage through bright colors and playful shapes. Fernand Léger’s bold and simplistic style gives the watches a contemporary look, while Henri Matisse adds his signature vibrancy and innovation with his use of color and technique.

Wilhelmina Barns-Graham is respected for her rich color palette and fluid brushstrokes, while Louise Bourgeois’s work features symbolic spirals that radiate a sense of positive energy and liberation. As a whole, the collection invites you to relax and embrace the positive energy that these works of art radiate. For more information about these watches click here for the Swatch lookbook.