Swarovski’s Wonderlab, an imaginary world where magic and science meet, comes intofocus in bright technicolor with Collection II.

“Collection II gives us a chance to dive further into our world of wonders. From a closer look into the muses of the Bohemian movement to the design aesthetic of our Austrian heritage,we’re able to enrich our brand story with a modern twist. In this way, each crystal itembecomes a microcosm of our world.” – Giovanna Engelbert

As with its predecessor, Collection II is ripe with symbolism, simultaneously tellingSwarovski’s brand story whilst playing with colors, textures, and cuts to create a plethora of pieces for individual self-expression—classic, punk, sweet, striking, and every personal expression in between.


Collection II presents an evolution of beloved Collection I aesthetics and a burst of new ones.

New Collection II families include:


Architectural adornment meets the mathemagical in an expression of craftsmanship at its finest. Getting to the heart of crystal wonders, the pierced stones that define the Abunda Family are a technical marvel – truly highlighting the Swarovski’s prowess and heritage of world-class craftsmanship.


Crystal’s right hand, metal features intermix with precision-cut pave in uniquely unisex designs that offer every opportunity to make a statement. The Dextera Family creates space for geometric embellishment; a perfect aesthetic of mathemagical play.


Mixed metals, rich textures, and crystals that fall like rain combine, adding a softly sensory experience to any ensemble. The Imber Family is a reinterpretation of a jewelry staple – the chain – with a Swarovski twist; each piece is a delicate combination of a chain-link base with dripping crystal accents.


Like light in the dark, dreamy, and distinct star-shaped pieces play with proportion to create blindingly beautiful impact for starlets and stargazers alike. As a hero family for Collection II, Stella is directly rooted in Swarovski’s Austrian heritage –  drawing inspiration from one of the most famous pieces of jewelry ever to come out of Austria: the stars of Empress Elisabeth of Austria, called Sissi. As with the 27 stars worn by Sissi herself, the Stella Family is presented on-model in a 27-star formation. This family offers true constellations of geometry, magic, and heritage.

Evolved Collection II families include:


Boldly layered stones in their purest chromatic expression. Like a deconstructed prism, the Chroma Family leaves everything to the imagination.


Crystal constellations set on thin metal bars in spontaneous accumulations are as delicate as stardust and bring the cosmos to the everyday. In Collection II, formations get bigger, bolder, and brighter – ready to guide any style.


A crafting of “mathemagical” structures into unexpected shapes of divine proportion. Intricate and complex designs, Curiosa sparks the imagination in new and covetable forms.


Challenging the sharp with the soft through a Modern Art lens, bringing full- spectrum sweetness to new and mixed materials, the Dulcis Family extends and explores new ways of wearing art – from corded chains to hair accessories.


Our widest variety of stone cuts and rich, vibrant colors all-in-one set of pieces, now in reimagined colors and silhouettes that extol the beauty of precision-cut crystal for Collection II.


Oversize cushion cut crystals in a suspended setting give the illusion of floating stones and bring a sense of harmonious mystery to a look of extravagance. Refined, elegant, and precious designs, Collection II debuts new color ways.


Eye-catching full crystal cuts in vibrant gem colors are the new must-haves for the bold and playful, looking to dress up a simple outfit with a wondrous dose of extra. In its Collection II iteration, the Lucent Family, a core family for the brand, expands into new and unusual geometric forms with hundreds of precision-cut facets per piece.


As fundamental to the wardrobe as the white T, these bold and timeless touches of refinement are made to have and wear forever. Collection II sees a genderless evolution of the Millenia Family, with new cuts, colors, and sizes for every type of style. A core family for the brand, Millenia is a forward-focused wonder.


Exploring versatility with double-sided elements that swivel and can be seen from all angles, the Orbita Family takes on new, vibrant colors and forms in Collection II.


Taking beads to dreamy new levels with a mix of precious stones and crystals in tonal ombre chain layers, the Somnia Family takes on intricate, yet effortless new forms for Collection II.

The wonders of Collection II will be revealed on across digital channels on September 7thand available in-stores and online at swarovski.com.