Swarovski is expanding its range of jewelry made with sustainability in mind with the launch of the new Hyperbola capsule collection. This launch is part of Swarovski’s journey towards making its products more sustainable.

The designs in the Hyperbola collection are made with innovative materials and processes yet still exude the glamour and extraordinary savoir-faire that Swarovski is known for. Featuring a ring, bracelet, and three pairs of earrings, the Hyperbola collection uses certified carbon neutral Swarovski Zirconia and recycled metal, without compromising on style or quality.

The Swarovski Zirconia was created using renewable energy, thereby reducing carbon emissions by 58% compared to regular zirconia, while the remaining 42% of emissions have been offset.

The Swarovski Zirconia’s carbon footprint was measured and offset by our partner, leading climate consultancy South Pole. The calculated CO2 impact was compensated through high-quality carbon credits, which were channelled to Huóshui Small Hydropower to provide renewable energy in remote regions of South-West China, and the Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve in Borneo to help protect this area of Indonesia from deforestation.

The Swarovski Hyperbola collection is available exclusively in-store at Selfridges on Oxford St and online Swarovski.com and Selfridges.com from April, 2023. Find out more about Swarovski’s sustainability credentials and see the full range of products created with sustainability in mind on Swarovski.com here.