In 2018 the Amsterdam-based Mitchell Rahder, Dyllan ter Hoeven and Cameron Cornelia started a new project: New Wave. They founded a brand within a segment of streetwear in which they saw that there was no offer yet, it turned out to be a success. Based on the same shared passion for creating and the ambition to build something from scratch, SUPPER was founded together with Supperclub’s Joeri Salet. Visual artist Roos Dessing was quickly added to this inspired collective and immediately knew her starting point: the collection had to offer a handle in the journey to yourself. It had to be a reflection of time.

With the current zeitgeist in mind, Roos designed the prints, texts and symbols of the collection, which is structured in such a way that everyone can identify with the different layers of the collection, both in terms of style and price range. The collection starts with the BASIC collection, leisure inspired items subtly provided with the SUPPER logo and evolves, through the use of symbolism, texts and prints that refer to the growth that we as human beings go through, through to the Alignment collection. In the latter, the vision of the label and its designer really come together.

SUPPER’s collections are a reflection of the here and now instead of the season, the present time we are in at that moment, a reflection of today. It’s a high-end streetwear label, a unit, a oneness called: SUPPER. 

SUPPER is available as of now at www.supperclothing.comand starting June 1st in SUPPER’s Pop-Up store at Berenstraat 22 in Amsterdam.