SUKEINA’s Fall/Winter 2023 Womenswear Collection, entitled “YOU” proposes a startling but simple question: have you ever paused to consider the impact that your very essence has on others, those you love, work alongside or even have walked past fleetingly and left inspired, intrigued, or changed forever by your presence?

Creative Director Omar Salam suggests that there is resonance to be found in playful elegance that is self-reflective. Influence is innate, an interpolation of feelings via textiles, not governed by trend, but rather mood. Dresses celebrate the human form but with a lightness of touch; from the kick flare of a hemline that is at once flirtatious and practical to a silhouette that alludes to the sweet nostalgia found in the pinafore of girlhood. A muted palette is juxtaposed with mustard, magenta and seagrass: colors that illuminate the spirit, capture the imagination and can be seen in the day or by moonlight. Anchoring many of the pieces is bold visible hardware: a sartorial reminder of the necessity of intent coupled with visibility, whatever course you choose to take in life.

Continuing the house’s commitment to, in Salam’s words, “support a woman’s state of mind”, he creates the tools for her to pull from. “SUKEINA is not just a fashion brand, but rather a philosophy” and the pieces are designed to seamlessly work with your existing closet while elevating the act of dressing to artistry. House signatures such as the conceal and reveal possibilities of opaque and sheer pairings, commitment to the human touch via craftsmanship and maribou as both a punctuation point and final flourish are an invitation to dream, be and most importantly soar.