We cannot (and do not want to) ignore it: e-bikes are booming. More and more people are discovering the advantages of the electric bicycle: from A to B in a fast and environmentally friendly way. Thanks to the innovative and award-winning design e-bikes from QWIC, we are also able to do this in an extremely stylish way. 

In 2006, QWIC became the first complete e-bike brand in the Netherlands with the ambition to reduce current mobility problems and environmental pollution. Founder Taco Anema: “More than 80 percent of all car journeys in the Netherlands are driven to cover a distance of less than 20 kilometres. In our opinion, that is an ideal cycling distance. With innovative, durable and sleekly designed e-bikes, we want to entice motorists to leave the car at home more often and to take the e-bike. We are going for a mobile revolution!”

Over the years the streamlined and lifestyle-oriented e-bikes have won several important national and international awards. The QWIC Premium Q came out as the winner in the German ElektroRad e-bike test in the City bikes category at the beginning of 2021. All bicycles are extensively tested for quality and handling and are suitable for both urban use and commuting thanks to the efficient electrical system. 

Designing and making bicycles is a craft that belongs to the Netherlands. A passionate team of designers and engineers works from Amsterdam on the development of QWIC electric bicycles. Through daily use, all possible challenges are experienced and solved from their own experience. This Dutch craftsmanship embraces a modern craft for a contemporary design. 

For more informaton visit their website: https://qwic.nl