Studio HENK is launching a partnership with swap-studio, an exclusive online platform where members can exchange products. Through this collaboration, Studio HENK wants to contribute to a better world with less overproduction and more attention for the circular economy.

From April 26, 2021, enthusiasts can visit for a selection of Studio HENK furniture and accessories. The members of swap-studio with an unlimited subscription can "purchase" these products in exchange for kudos, points that swap-studio members collect by offering their own products or by inviting friends to become a member as well. This is a long-term collaboration, whereby the range of Studio HENK items on will always change.

Circular economy:

Studio HENK believes in a sustainable and circular economy, just like swap studio. The exclusive marketplace aims to change the throwaway society by encouraging people to think circular. By joining forces, Studio HENK and swap-studio can strengthen their joint mission and work together on a cleaner planet.

The life cycle of a product is very important to Studio HENK; the furniture of the brand is timeless in design and made of high-quality materials that will last a lifetime. By means of this collaboration, Studio HENK wants to give overproduced stock a different destination within a community that shares the same values ​​and is just as concerned about a more sustainable world and its non-renewable raw materials.

About swap-studio:

Swap-studio is an online marketplace where members can offer products in exchange for points, or kudos. With those kudos, members can "buy" products from other members, but also from brands with whom swap studio collaborates. In a world dominated by a throwaway culture, swap studio is a breath of fresh air. The company was founded in 2020 by Nilofer Christensen and Roosmarie Raas, who, with their background in the tech and fashion industry, use their years of knowledge and experience to create a better world together.

About Studio HENK:

Studio HENK is a Dutch interior brand, founded in 2013 by the brothers Okke and Xander Albers. Studio HENK believes that designing furniture is not just about making a beautiful piece of furniture, but about creating furniture that you can use every day. That is why all designs by Studio HENK are not only beautiful, but functional as well. All furniture can be put together yourself, so that it is exactly what customers need for their daily life. Besides a successful webshop, Studio HENK also has a store in Amsterdam. The company also recently opened its first international flagship store on Kloosterstraat in Antwrp.