Founded by Raf, STTOWN™ was born from a passion for fashion and a desire to break away from conventional patterns. With over 15 years of experience in the retail sector and being one of the owners of Brandy Melville stores in Spain, Italy, and Portugal, Raf embarks on this new personal project, aiming to transport the audience to special moments through the stories relating by the garments, generating emotions and awakening the senses.

The creation process arises from Raf’s restlessness, the desire to be in constant movement and discovery. The brand is a call to live intensely and create unique moments that stays in memory.

Inspired by journeys filled with the discovery of different cultures, in objects and pieces with a soul that have survived the passage of time, STTOWN™ embraces timeless design, paying homage to classics. With a nomadic spirit, it captures the versatility of garments, reflecting urban style inspired by each journey around the world.

Garments are designed with meaning, seeking to evoke emotional responses through materials, attention to detail, and careful finishing of silhouettes. The prices of items in the new collection, ranging from €65 for a T-shirt to €398 for a leather jacket, reflect the craftsmanship of each piece, with cotton and wool as the main materials.

This first collection, named Stopover Korea, features a total of 15 unisex pieces, classic patterns, and cropped details, reflecting their versatility as well as harmony in combinations. All STTOWN™ pieces are produced in limited quantities in Europe and Asia.

For the FW23 campaign launch, STTOWN™ collab with Korean photographer Jinwoo Park, @marigatoe, to capture the essence of the brand, creating a connection with the urban life of Seoul.