Drawing inspiration from the gender-fluid tailoring of New York in the 90s, Lovechild 1979’s collection embodies comfort and corporate with ease.

Exploring the contrasts between materials, our journey emerged us into the fascinating works of architect Mohammad Qasim Iqbal. With his experimentation with AI generated structures creating façades merging renaissance and baroque forms with fluid silk, we took these fabric-like elements and laid the foundation of a rich yet delicate collection, filled with tactility and finesse.

Allowing the character of the materials to direct the form, the pillars of the Lovechild 1979 Autumn Winter 2024 collection are voluminous wools, soft tailoring that hugs the body, and sharp denim silhouettes counterbalanced by lustrous draped silk. Having the relationship of these opposing materials raise character to the composition. Seeking to refine timeless essentials, we explored raw edge detailing and paper-like crisp cotton to connect the designs with an urban urgency. Balanced by our contemporary take on a sophisticated bouclé weave in subtle nuances, complementing the minimalistic shapes of the collection.

For this season we embraced a color range from the light tones, and office blues, to the earthy and dusky black, brown and rich burgundy, dwelling in the profound intensity dark shades brings to the fabric. We worked with impeccable cuts, minimum finishes and trusted the beauty in simplicity. Continuing the constant study of the masculine classics, returning to the fundamentals, and celebrating timelessness we set out to soften and practicalize. Gathering inspiration in the gender-fluid tailoring and fitted simplicity that emerged from the hyper-active minimalism of New York in the 90’s, the collection embodies comfort and everyday corporate ease. Rounding off with the 90’s office shoe, in braided lamb leather, with matching folding bags and belt for a complete composition.

Aiming to create a sculptural and appealing aesthetic for Autumn Winter 2024, we let heavy wool and knit evolve and stretch out. Reviving classic weave patterns like herringbone, houndstooth and dotted pinstripe in sophisticated wool blends, and developing our knitted garments, adding depth to the collection through a multifaceted material palette, working with plump, heavy lambswool, raw yet refined faced pointelle, mohair and soft alpaca. Exuding elegance in a contemporary form, ranging from rich to sheer.

Birthed from inspiration of architectural stone elements and sculptural fabric-like forms, we were drawn towards the National Museum of Denmark with its baroque ornaments and dark pillars from 1672. Unfolding layers of drape and volume that seem to extent the fabrics, almost arising from the body. Like Qasim Iqbal’s poetically swirling and flowing forms intertwining with the stone pillars, the body of the Autumn Winter 2024 took form from the inherent nature of fabrics, and how it ‘moves with the wind and weathers through the seasons.’

photo credit: James Cochrane