Karin Berndl is a still life and beauty photographer based in London and Paris.

Having spent years in the studio perfecting her craft, Karin’s fascination with daylight has taken her more and more outdoors for recent projects.

“Daylight allows me to create something truly special. In a studio there wouldn’t be a storm with a black sky followed by the most radiant sunset opening. To shoot this in a studio you would have to first think of it and then recreate it with quite an elaborate lighting set up.

With daylight the options are endless as you can see in my recent “Sunset Wonders” series taken of the Nomade Eau de Parfum by Chloe. The sky was changing non – stop. Right there in front of my eyes the colours were developing like a stage performance. Experience allows me to act fast. I was able to capture the images in time and in very good quality.

That’s why I love daylight, today there might be the most beautiful sunrise, tomorrow the clouds might be aligned slightly differently and give you a completely new picture. Same goes for a blue sky with cumulus clouds, they move along and give you so many different options, for example a silver lined cloud, which is another one of my favourite settings for still life and beauty.

It’s like a DOP is moving lights and boards in the background behind your back while reading your mind, giving you new and exciting variations every time you pick up the camera.

Not to mention current October and November sunlight in Europe, the best light in my opinion for portraits and still life. The sun is literally in the perfect place all day and the highlights the daylight creates in eyes, accessories and objects are spectacular.”