Under the creative helm of Dutch designer Ronald van der Kemp, Steve Madden presented its new Fall/Winter ’23 collection on Thursday, August 31st, as part of the official Amsterdam Fashion Week program, at the former Bijlmerbajes. It was a show where all boundaries blurred, sometimes even challenging the concept of fashion itself.

This autumn, Steve Madden drew inspiration from the birthplace of its founder: New York. New and old trends converged at one of the most iconic meeting spots, offering a fresh blend of avant-garde and fiercely edgy, vibrant fashion. Ronald van der Kemp brought New York to his hometown of Amsterdam, where he defied all fashion rules (in his polished and high-heeled way). Models were selected through street casting, shoes were often worn on the feet rather than just displayed, and the couture creations were made of paper. The turbulent life of Madden served as inspiration for van der Kemp. The black and white references both the Steve Madden logo and Madden’s 31 months in prison, while the vibrant colors create a direct link to the iconic ’90s.