To unveil his Spring-Summer 2022 men’s collection, Christian Louboutin pursues his exploration of new digital territories with LoubiFuture. Following his avatars’ adventures on the animated gaming app Zepeto and the 3D interactive experience of LoubiAirways, LoubiFuture mixes augmented and extended realities to create a unique and immersive experience, wrapped in a colourful retro-futuristic aesthetic.

Featuring French singer Julien Granel – renowned for his vivid, pop universe – the rst part of this animation uses extended reality to take you through a vibrant odyssey across many worlds. Supported by an original music track entitled Mirage, the video invites you to follow Julien in a Vaporwaved 80’s dream, leading you from neon skycrapers LoubiTown to a sunset on the beach, to The Grand Finale atop a tower in a jungle populated by a surreal tropical wildlife.

This epic journey leads into a double showroom where displayed styles from the new collection are available to view in augmented reality. The rst room celebrates this season’s new sneaker: The Arpoador, a tribute to Christian Louboutin’s love for Brazil, named after the rocky junction that lies between Ipanema and Copacabana. These all-terrain sneakers are inspired by Brazilian modernist architecture and its love for curves are embodied in the sneaker’s exibility and versatility. Modelled and inserted in a Vaporwave setting, the 5 colourways deconstruct and reconstruct themselves in a very casual way.

A smoky tunnel leads to the second room, the Argosphere, imagined as a constantly moving optical- ber space featuring the second key line of the collection: the Our Georges. Designed in black calf leather or silver antispecchio, the three Our Georges styles are the perfect mix between style and purpose thanks to the oversized, yet light lug sole with an exaggerated signature welt and red insert at the back.

Leathergoods are showcased with three new seasonal additions: the BackParis backpack, the LoubiTown pouch and the Ruistote bag.

All styles are experienceable in real life with augmented reality through a QR Code to scan. The style is immediately modelized in the environment surrounding you and can be explored through all angles with a very precise sense of details dear to the designer.

Tomorrow is sooner than you think…