From March 16th to July 14th, 2024, the most comprehensive solo exhibition of Marina Abramović (Belgrade, 1946) will be on display at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Over 60 key works showcase the development of the acclaimed pioneer of performance art over the past fifty years: from her early work created in former Yugoslavia and Amsterdam to the groundbreaking performances with her partner Ulay, and the solo work she continues to pursue actively.

On display are recordings of legendary performances, photographs, videos, sculptures, and live reenactments of four iconic performances being presented for the first time in the Netherlands: Art Must Be Beautiful, Artist Must Be Beautiful (1975), Imponderabilia (work with Ulay) (1977), Luminosity (1997), and The House with the Ocean View (2002). Notably, visitors can also participate in two works: Work Relation (work with Ulay) (1978) and Counting the Rice from the Abramović Method. The exhibition is curated in close collaboration with the artist and the Royal Academy in London.

“There are so many different forms of art, performance is one of the most difficult, the most immaterial, and the most real.” — Marina Abramović

Marina Abramović has been a prominent figure in performance and body art since the 1970s, considered one of the foremost pioneers of this art form. She brought performance art from its experimental beginnings to the mainstream, consistently using her own body to rigorously test the limits of her physical and mental endurance. Alongside artist Ulay (Frank Uwe Laysiepen, 1943–2020), whom she met in Amsterdam in 1975, she gained international acclaim for their enduring performances until their separation in 1988. In her later solo work, she focuses more on exploring spirituality and creating an interaction where the audience actively becomes part of her work and energy.

Upon my appointment as director, it was clear to me that the Stedelijk should absolutely present a retrospective exhibition of Marina’s work. Not only has she been of eminent importance to the development of performance art, which found an early home in the Stedelijk, but she also has strong ties to Amsterdam. Following the comprehensive overview of Ulay’s work in 2020, we proudly open the doors of the museum for Marina Abramović, who has a long and significant history with the Stedelijk. Re-performances of historical performances keep her body of work alive, for us and for future generations. — Rein Wolfs

Abramović increasingly focuses on exploring the boundaries of consciousness on a mental level. Actions and situations sustained over a long period form the path to transformation for her; a state of being beyond physical and mental pain, akin to meditation. This process is evident in Luminosity (1997), where a simple movement becomes progressively more physically challenging, demanding the performer’s concentration and presence. The House with the Ocean View (2002) is the ultimate performance testing endurance: the performer adheres to self-imposed rules for twelve days, including fasting and silence, in three spartan rooms serving as bedroom, living room, and bathroom. The audience observes this symbolic dwelling, engaging in a silent ‘energetic dialogue’ with the performer.

Reenactments of the performances are carried out at various times by performers specially trained in the Abramović Method and sometimes last for several hours or days. Performances will take place at different times every day. Attending a performance can be both intimate and confronting.

Dates: March 16th to July 14th, 2024 Admission Price: Free for ages up to 18, adults: € 22.50, students & CJP cardholders: € 10,- Museumkaart holders, VriendenLoterij VIP cardholders: free. During the exhibition, a surcharge of € 10,- applies to the entire museum admission price, except for youth up to 18, Friends, VIP, Jaarkaart holders (see for all information). Surcharge for students & CJP cardholders is € 5,-. This surcharge is one-time and does not need to be repurchased for subsequent visits.

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