Reconnecting with your ancestors and tapping into abundance: in a world that often feels fast paced and disconnected, Star Sign Poetry encourages us to pause and reflect upon our connection to the universe. Relating back to our ancestors, we reflect on their belief around the stars and their influences on the destiny of the human. The allure of this past belief implausibly shines through today.

The brand’s creative design owes inspiration to ancient wisdom as it teaches our generations that the stars above hold the secrets of our individual paths. Each piece of jewellery in this collection is an intimate ode to one of the twelve zodiac signs, a reflection of the cosmic poetry that has inspired humanity for centuries.

Throughout history, humanity has gazed at the night sky, finding inspiration, guidance, and solace in the stars. Ancient civilizations, from the Babylonians to the Egyptians, observed the celestial heavens, believing that the positions of the stars at the time of one’s birth held profound significance. The collection pays tribute to this age-old practice of astrology, weaving the stories of the stars into unique jewellery pieces like miniature paintings. Each jewel echoes and adds to the wisdom and beauty of the cosmos.

“In a digital age, where we are constantly connected yet often disconnected from the world around us, ‘Star Sign Poetry’ offers a return to a more profound understanding of ourselves. It invites us to contemplate the timeless beauty and wisdom of the stars and how they continue to shape our lives,”

Orit Elhanati, the Founder and Designer of Elhanati.

The collection is made up of twelve necklaces, crafted in 18kt solid yellow gold embellished with Top Wesselton VVS diamonds, with the addition of black diamonds and deep green emeralds, and the option of choosing your custom chain. Inspired by the cosmos, the works represent a form of reminder that the cosmos is more than a celestial canvas; it is a tapestry of stories, a source of inspiration, and a mirror reflecting our inner selves.

Star Sign Poetry’ bridges the ancient wisdom of astrology with contemporary craftsmanship, creating an opportunity to celebrate our unique cosmic identity.