written and published by Nadia ten Hove

The allure of the 80s has stormed back into the fashion scene, leaving us enchanted with a mix of ballet-core coquetry and lace fever, reminiscent of MM6 Margiela’s iconic ballet shoes. This revival echoes the vibrant aerobics style of the 80s but with a pastel-hued twist, creating a refreshing take on the era’s fashion. 

During Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks, the runway was ablaze with 80s-inspired designs, setting the stage for the upcoming trends. Here are the top three trends we foresee taking the fashion world by storm.

Bold Shoulders and Dramatic Silhouettes

Get ready to embrace big oversized shoulders and strong, sharp silhouettes that create a dramatic V shape when worn. This trend has resurged in power suits, structured coats, and dresses, showcased by esteemed designers like LV, Mugler, Margiela, Avellano, Duran Lantink, Rokh, GCDS, and of course Balenciaga. These designs not only pay homage to the 80s but sometimes also incorporate vintage punk influences, adding a rebellious edge to the fashion landscape.

Oversized Statement Belts

The fashion world is being cinched tight with oversized statement belts that could pass as micro mini skirts. Whether it’s leather belts for a bold statement or bohemian belts for a more relaxed boho-sleaze look, this trend is versatile and chic. Designers like LV, Vaquera, and Diesel have embraced this trend, proving that belts are no longer just accessories but central pieces that command attention.

Athletic Wear Meets High Fashion

Athletic wear takes a sophisticated turn as sports jerseys transform into dresses, paired effortlessly with kitten heels sometimes even made from Adidas socks. Oversized sports numbers find their way onto every top, skirt, and pant, with the Adidas logo becoming a staple in every it-girl’s wardrobe. One standout look was spotted at the Miaou show, where micro booty denim shorts were paired with short sports leggings peeking out underneath, creating an effortlessly cool vibe. Designers like Rokh, Ottolinger, and Miaou have elevated athletic wear into high fashion, making it a must-have trend for the upcoming seasons.

In SS42, fashion enthusiasts can expect a delightful blend of dramatic silhouettes, bold accessories, and high-fashion athleticism, all drawing inspiration from the glamorous 80s era. As these trends make their way from the runway to our closets, we’re in for an exciting, fashion-forward journey.