Around the Pol Bury’s fountains in Paris, nothing is like it used to be. Isabel Marant decided to get rid of the tent and stands and take a step into the adjoining garden to focus on the essential.

The models walk unperturbed while a swarm of bodies is unleashed around them. Speeding, carrying each other, losing their balance, the bodies convey the urgency to adapt to a world that is tipping over. A transformation of energies takes place in order to bring us movement, energy, light and joy.

The film imagined by (LA)HORDE for Isabel Marant is intended to capture the energy and experience shared with the audience during a live show. This moment of jubilation and liberation of the body makes even more sense today in a world that has not yet reopened, and where dance has still not found its place.

Isabel Marant’s invitation to the dancers still resonates in our bodies and souls, like a reminiscence of a future we hope is near!

Please find below the link to the YouTube video of the SS21 Show by (LA)HORDE :