February is the month of love. Valentines day is the time to send loving thoughts to those closest to our hearts as well as to ourselves. Show your appreciation with handmade jewelry designed to last a lifetime.


Just as true love is a straightforward but occasionally curvy affair, this versatile collection pays homage to the art of love in charmingly curved or straight, delicate styles. A single trace of white or chocolate brown diamonds set in 18k gold is the common denominator between each piece in the collection. The rings are perfect for stacking and mixing shapes and colors.


When Charlotte Lynggaard watched her grandmother’s diligent fingers creating delicate embroidery and carved lace, she fell head over heels in love with the intricate details of craftsmanship. When Charlotte Lynggaard was living in paris in the late 1990s and pursuing her passion for vintage cut-out lace, she came up with the idea of turning lace into precious metals.


Because love is always the answer. An overview of our coveted collection of heart-shaped jewelry designed by Charlotte and Ole Lynggaard. Rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces featuring the symbol of love. Masterfully polished, textured or embellished with diamonds that lovingly follow the shape of the heart.